Saturday, January 15, 2022

THE MOMENT HAS ARRIVED - abuser usually contesses to beis din

I think it is important to know that over the past 30 years, there was only one case in which the accused denied the charges. In every other instance, there were multiple victims who testified, and the predators admitted what they had done as soon as we confronted them with the accusations.

The Torah explicitly equates violations of a woman to murder: “for like a man who rises up against his fellow and murders him, so is this thing” [Devarim 22:26]. And in some ways it is even worse than murder, because of the enduring pain.

The above statement while true is very misleading and out of context
The Torah is not talking about rape of any woman but an engaged woman and this is not saying that rape is the same as murder but rather in the case of rodef of an engaged woman  he can be killed to save her just as if he were pursuing to murder.

Thus it is not  dealing with child abuse or rape or even sexual abuse

Let’s just hope that the moment has finally arrived, as a consequence of the recent tragedies, for every medium-sized community to establish its own Special Beis Din, and for the smaller communities to be organized to refer to batei din in larger nearby cities. And that this conversation will serve as a catalyst for that.

The article basically is propaganda rather than a serious attempt to evaluate the need for a special beis din for abuse or the cases which a beis din makes things worse For example the case a few years ago when this special beis din announced that a seminary head had raped his students. An investigation by a second beis din found no evidence of rape or other allegations transmitted by this beis din and repeated by a number of blogs as well as newspapers.

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