Thursday, July 30, 2020

Rabbi Shmuel Kamenetsky: 'Worrisome' if Trump not elected

Rabbi Shmuel Kamenetsky, Rosh Yeshiva of Philadelphia and member of the Moetzes Gedolei Hatorah of Agudas Yisroel of America, said the prospect of Trump not winning in the presidential election was "worrisome."


  1. RSK - Vote for Trump

    I cannot imagine anything more repulsive to this Blog owner!

  2. Either election result is worrisome. If Biden wins, the far right will explode in violence and the economy will tank. If Trump wins, the far left will explode in violence (even as the media denies it and calls the burning of entire neighbourhoods "peaceful protests) but the economy survives. I say Trump.

  3. First Let him discuss His dubious or false fake Greenblat bitul kidushin Heter?

    How dare he ignores these Klal Yisroel survival quesions Questions ?

  4. “Rabbi Shmuel Kamenetsky: 'Worrisome' if Trump not elected” I agree.
    Thanks DT for allowing me my letters to the NYS Ct of Appeals. This is my letter today:

    2.Exhibit A: The Regional Rabbinic Court Jerusalem ruling January 21, 1993:
    Copy identical to source Rabbi Yitzchak Aaron Ben-Shoshan Head Secretary The Regional Rabbinic Court Jerusalem With the help of G-- To the attention of Rabbi Aryeh Ralbag Agudas Harabonim U.S.A. Plaintiff Susan Aranoff Against Gerald Aranoff This is the decision of the Court on date 28 Tevet 5763 (January 21, 1993) that the husband is willing to accept divorce by his agreeing to the division of the dwelling immediately that he gets 45% and the wife gets 55%. In exchange for his agreement to arrange divorce, likewise, regarding child support. that the husband claims that written on their names are 2 million dollars in the bank, therefore, he shall not pay child support. And that dwelling will be sold immediately, actually, your honor has already sent us the name of the wife to arrange the divorce and the name of the second agent in his letter that was sent by fax on date 8 Adar 5752 (). Please summons the wife at your earliest convenience to notify us regarding her agreement to arrange divorce. Rabbi Yitzchak Aaron Ben-Shoshan Head Secretary

    3.This case should have been over a long time ago. I did nothing wrong. I have nothing to be ashamed of. Throughout the process Susan and the judges harmed my rights and my honor by not addressing my points. I do not contrive evil and I do not support perjury: “These are the things you are to do: Speak the truth to one another, render true and perfect justice in your gates. And do not contrive evil against one another, and do not love perjury, because all those are things that I hate---declares the Lord.” (Zacharia 8:16-17).

    4.When Judge Gerald Garson got arrested May 2003 Susan praised Garson: “Two years ago, Brooklyn State Supreme Court Justice Gerald Garson was hailed by several Jewish women's groups for forcing an obstinate Orthodox husband to give a get, or religious divorce, to his young Sephardic wife. In a landmark decision, Garson invoked the 1983 New York State Get Law and ordered the husband to pay his 22-year-old wife of four months the sum of $500 a week in permanent maintenance because he refused to “remove a barrier to her remarriage” by denying her the get. “For the get issue, that was a great decision,” said Susan Aranoff, director of Agunah International Inc., a women's advocacy group.”

    5.Garson sanctioned me $5,000 on top of Rigler's $10,000 + $10,000 sanctions. Susan now asks the court: “Impose sanctions on Mr. Aranoff that will deter any further repetitive and frivolous motions.” No. Susan and the judges hardly let me talk to defend himself. They don't address my points. Susan never lets me talk. Susan never addresses my points.

    6.Judge Prus castigates me and behaves as Susan's lawyer. He does not address my points. He does not let me speak. Judge Prus violates “I charged your magistrates at that time as follows, Hear out your fellow men, and decide justly between any man and a fellow Israelite or a stranger.”

    I agree with comments here of Berel, Garnel Ironheart, and Kalonymus HaQatan

  5. I think we have to take a rational step back here
    1) Just because Trump hates something doesn't make it good
    2) Just because Trump likes something doesn't make it bad
    Case in point: mail-in-ballots. Is the system in place to ensure the ballots arrive on time and that fraud can be mostly avoided? Right now Trump insists that the system isn't in place and fraud can't be avoided. However, his opponents aren't trying to prove him wrong. They're saying there's no problem simply because he says there is. That doesn't inspire confidence.


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