Tuesday, July 28, 2020

Donald Trump says Dr. Fauci misled the public on hydroxychloroquine and shares a video of a doctor saying the drug can prevent the virus in Twitter spree


  • President Donald Trump retweeted a slew of posts praising controversial drug hydroxychloroquine for treating COVID-19 on Monday night
  • He shared a retweeted that slammed Dr. Anthony Fauci for 'misleading' the country by dismissing hydroxychloroquine, and supporting drug Remdesivir
  • He shared video of Dr. Stella Immanuel's speech outside Capitol Hill on Friday where she claimed the anti-malaria drug is a 'cure' for the virus
  • She slammed 'fake doctors' who doubt the efficacy of the drug and said to the public 'you don’t need a mask'
  • Trump shared videos of her speech twice, and both were removed

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