Wednesday, July 29, 2020

Minneapolis Police Reportedly Identify Viral 'Umbrella Man' As White Supremacist

Police say the masked, umbrella-wielding man who smashed windows at a Minneapolis auto parts store two days after George Floyd's death has ties to a white supremacist group and specifically sought to inflame racial tensions.
According to the Minneapolis Star Tribune, Minneapolis police arson investigator Erika Christensen wrote in a search warrant affidavit filed this week that the man's actions created a hostile atmosphere and sparked a series of events that turned previously peaceful protests chaotic. She said she believed his "sole aim was to incite violence."

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  1. This is a ray of hope in turbulent times.

    Let us review the history of slavery in America.

    Men of European stock -- White men -- living in Europe or in the New World, funded the ships that went to Africa and either bought or kidnapped Black people and brought them to America -- that is, brought the ones that survived the journey.

    The Whites in America had laws that allowed Whites to "own" these Black people, and to treat them as "property". Thatis the Blacks were "slaves", a legal term. Some Blacks were not enslaved in America. Some Blacks gained their freedom and were no longer slaves.

    But up until near the end of the Civil War, many Blacks were slaves.

    With the passing of the Thirteenth Amendment and the defeat of the secessionist South, all Blacks became full United States citizens.

    But somehow, over past 150 years, Blacks as a group have never really achieved what many felt they could have in America. Individually, many Blacks have succeeded and made contributions in many fields, too numerous to even mention here, but not least in the areas of education, the military, sports, medicine, and so many more professions, as well as having exemplary behavior in their personal lives.

    Yet, despite this, Blacks in America collectively have a difficult time coming to grips with their collective failings. Again, it is not hard to find individual Blacks who lay the blame for Black failings -- such as the high crime rate in areas with high density Black populations -- squarely on the shoulders of the Black community.

    But too many continue to complain that Blacks are held back and Blacks are misled by Whites. This article illustrates that.

    I think it is something perhaps intrinsic to the nature of Black people. So if Whites can mislead Blacks into rioting and looting, there is hope that maybe Whites can once again gain mastery over Blacks and lead to them to the greatest heights and bring out their fullest potential.


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