Thursday, July 30, 2020

President Trump doubled down in defense of doctor who promotes hydroxychloroquine


  1. A strange Pentagon discussion about a vaccine planned for creating atheists!
    Listen and decide for youself also see the backround comments ?

  2. This work is extremely speculative, half-baked, and would be very dangerous to implement as a product. There is no assurance that VMAT2 is indeed a "God gene," nor that it has no other essential roles outside of that (obviously it is important because all the individuals tested all express it to some level). Very flimsy evidence behind this whole concept. The causation isn't even established here. The gene expression they are seeing could simply be a result of reactions that happen in the brain of someone with religious expression, NOT the CAUSE of religious expression. In addition, how does he intend to vaccinate against a natural protein the body already tolerates? Are we going to kill off all the body's cells which already express this protein? This really sounds insane to me and I would never fund this nutjob.

    But this vaccine project has nothing to do with any other vaccine. This is experimental work focused on vaccinating against VMAT2. Vaccines that we take are vaccinating against various infectious diseases. The covid19 vaccines are vaccinating against covid19, not VMAT2.
    Stop spreading antivax garbage, Berel.


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