Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Trump - despite clear evidence to the contrary - denies he mocked a disabled reporter

update: Added a video which claims that Trump was not mocking the reporter. I don't agree

This video clearly shows Trump mocking the disabled reporter. Despite his categorical denial of doing so in his attack on actress Meryl Streep  - who said the mocking was disgusting - which it is.

Trumps attack is a familiar technique

NY Times

Under fire after intelligence report, Trump lashes out — at Meryl Streep

The Golden Globe Awards on Sunday night featured a scathing speech by the actress Meryl Streep against Mr. Trump:
“There was one performance this year that stunned me — it sank its hooks in my heart,” Ms. Streep said. “Not because it was good; there was nothing good about it. But it was effective and it did its job. It made its intended audience laugh, and show their teeth.
“It was that moment when the person asking to sit in the most respected seat in our country imitated a disabled reporter,” she said, referring to a speech in 2015 when Mr. Trump shuddered and flailed his arms, appearing to mock a disabled reporter at The New York Times. “It kind of broke my heart when I saw it, and I still can’t get it out of my head, because it wasn’t in a movie. It was real life.”
Mr. Trump, in his inimitable way, spoke with Patrick Healy of The Times to respond to that attack — and then took to Twitter.Donald J. Trump

For the record, Mrs. Clinton did not lose big. She won the popular vote by nearly three million votes and lost the presidency by losing Michigan, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin by about the number of people who cheered the Packers at Lambeau Field on Sunday.

Also for the record, here is the video of his original speech referring to that disabled reporter:Mr. Trump told Mr. Healy that he was “not surprised” that “liberal movie people” were going after him on national television, and he said he “never mocked anyone.”
“People keep saying I intended to mock the reporter’s disability, as if Meryl Streep and others could read my mind, and I did no such thing,” Mr. Trump said in the interview.
“And remember, Meryl Streep introduced Hillary Clinton at her convention, and a lot of these people supported Hillary,” he said, referring to Ms. Streep’s remarks at the Democratic National Convention last summer on behalf of his opponent.
The following video claims he is not mocking the disability because he has used similar expressions regarding non-disabled people. However I don't see that the response is the same and stand by my original assertion that he did in fact mock the disabled reporter.

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