Sunday, November 29, 2015

Tamar Epstein's Heter: Is R Nota Greenblatt or R Shalom Kaminetsky going to inform Tamar that she needs to separate from her new husband?

Considerable progress in dealing with the phony heter has been made. In fact it is no longer a question of how many people support the heter. The answer is absolutely no one!

At this point - even Rabbi Greenblatt is fully aware that the heter that he gave is invalid. He blames R Shalom Kaminetsky for putting him in a very unpleasant situation where not only the Rabbanut wants to disqualify his future Gittin - but there is such talk also here in America.

Even without publishing his teshuva - enough people have read it to be aware that it is nonsense and was based on his blindly accepting everything that the Kaminetsky's told him. Even he is aware that the facts are false and that he permitted Tamar to be in an adulterous relationship.

The present question is who has the obligation to inform Tamar that her new marriage is invalid? Is it Rabbi Greenblatt who provided the heter to remarry and in fact was the mesader kedishin or is it Rabbi Shalom Kaminetsky who manipulated Rabbi Greenblatt - through his father  - into giving the heter and marrying Tamar and Adam.

Perhaps it should be the gedolim of the Agudah who stood silently by and voiced no objection even after it was clear that a horrible perversion of Torah had happened at the highest levels? Maybe it should be Rav Herschel Schechter who publicly announced that the word of Rav Shmuel Kaminetsky in Tamar's quest for a divorce should not be questioned? There are clearly other candidates.

In short, we have a situation where Tamar Epstein is living in sin because of unquestioned obedience to the doctrine of Daas Torah of Gedolim. Who is going to tell her that the Emperor has no clothes and that she has been horribly betrayed? Each minute that she stays together with Adam, there are rabbis who will be paying the price for their hesitancy.


  1. Based on what we are reading on this blob then RNG is more likely to respond to pressure then the answer to the question is Yes with more pressure. In the case of R Sholom K then I am less convinced.

  2. Surely, the wedding of T.E. is a ruse.
    Maybe the rabbis doing the ruse thought that a fake wedding of T.E.
    without a get from her husband would keep money flowing to them (corruption).
    If the wedding of T.E. is a fake and if T.E. is not living with Adam Fleischer,
    then, if she ever settles the visitation issue and gets a get, she’ll be
    permitted to marry Adam Fleischer. We,
    outsiders, don’t know the facts.

  3. For accuracy's sake, he isn't T.E. She's T.F[riedman, not Fleisher].
    From her perspective, if she thinks she's still T.E., then she doesn't think she's committing adultery.

  4. Sholom k is running around without a head reaching out to dayanim in EY trying to find someone to back the hetter, but they are weary and do not trust a word he says

  5. I assume you mean wary? They may be weary too, but that doesn't seem relevant.

  6. Meinyan leinyan beoisoi inyan. He is trying to sweeten his Mekach bLekach with RED HERRING, LEMAFREA after the facts. Doesn't he know a RED HERRING behavloes lekach umekach shtuss, is a tfilas shav, whether back in time or back to the future, this happens only in the movies. Who in his right mind would swallow such hot lukshen and hot potato kugel blindly, crook, lie and stinker? What kind of a Kiddush is this? Kidush taus, or Kidush bnei Adam al yedei Tamar ubeFig ubealei te'eino, Kidush Hashem kivyachol or Chilul haShem? The damage has been done, time to admit he erred, resign veSholom al yisroel. You can throw in a chatos shmeino as a Korban nosi, on the house.

  7. I am not sure if you are aware, but it is 2015, and a woman's legal last name has nothing to do with her marital status.

  8. It is possible that the Secret Gedolim who were in it Voiciferously or silently will advise Hush Hush to Tamar, to disclose that the Zivug was not olef yofeh, GET with a Get, without anyone taking responsibility for the crime. ORA has the option to declare again, Mazel Tov, she is FREE all over again, (although with a contingent leash).

  9. Perhaps it should be the gedolim of the Agudah who stood silently by and
    voiced no objection even after it was clear that a horrible perversion
    of Torah had happened at the highest levels?

    Not quite true, as witness R' Aharon Feldman's letter.

  10. Why do they need to trust him? Let them call up AF and ascertain from speaking to him that he's טויט משוגע. Oh sorry, that won't work, because he's actually quite a normal guy...

  11. In the frum (non-feminist) world, things are still the same, even in תשע"ו. To me, until she receives a kosher Get, she's Tamar Friedman.

  12. That's why I qualified my statement with the word "quite."

  13. Grab the proverbial bull by the horn,and send her the last few pages of this blog.

  14. I would imagine that Tamar reads this blog. Or is otherwise well-informed about the international firestorm that has broken out over her heter. She is not oblivious and naive. So it is pretty apparent she knows she engaged in adultery and may produce bastardous offspring if pregnancy results. I don't imagine she needs to be told to separate from her paramour. She is quite aware.

  15. I would imagine that Tamar reads this blog.

    I do recall seeing a comment that "Aaron can go eat his get." However, her rabbis should still do what is incumbent upon them.

  16. I have a theory why Tamar supporters are so quiet. Tamar’s supporters want Tamar to get pregnant from her new “husband”
    Adam Fleischer. Why? Then they’ll claim, it’s better not to talk
    and not rule, until the baby is born.
    When the baby is born, God willing healthy and beautiful, they’ll say,
    we must consider the child. What’s best for this child? Maybe there’re grounds, at most, for a ספק ממזר. Anyway, the whole
    world, mind your own business. Let this child grow up. Yes, of course, if it’s a boy, they’ll do ברית מילה.
    They will not announce a ממזר as in case of a
    certain ממזר.
    The main heter supporters of Tamar will rule not a certain ממזר is the heathen court, ערכאות, civil law which ruled so many years ago Tamar is free from her
    husband. Actually, the supporters of
    Tamar find serious fault with Torah laws and simply adore the heathen court, ערכאות, civil law in feminists matters. I don’t know the facts. I don’t know the people. I’m just speculating.
    I don’t know how Susan got Judge Michael Pesce to write in 1996: “I have
    discussed the matter with Mr. Rothbart, as well as justice Rigler. According to him, he told you that your two
    children in Israel could be considered illegitimate if brought here because New
    York did not recognize your Israeli divorce.”

  17. Congratulations on holding off for 4 entire paragraphs before bringing in your totally irrelevant personal problems into your post. I believe that is a record of some sort.

  18. Daas Torah - Issues of Jewish Identity: Tamar Epstein:Rav ...

    Oct 28, 2015


    we see a logical hetter
    And daas Torah, do u
    think rav Greenblatt is afraid of a lawsuit, he's a 90 year old gadol, and
    All that is left to say is
    יעלה יפה, ויזכו לדורות ישרים מבורכים
    And arhon
    Friedman can eat his get

  19. Rabbi Stenbuch writes that Tamar is going beyond the
    pale, and if she has children from her new “husband” they will be illegitimate. Judge Michael Pesce, in effect, said in 1996
    that I went beyond the pale. Why? Because I have a new “wife” and fathered with
    her new daughters, without getting first a NYS approved divorce. He and all the
    NYS judges are angry at me. They write that in NYS law, these new daughters are

    Yehoshua, here’s the relevance. We in this blog are
    extremely agitated that a rabbi would marry Tamar without a get from her
    husband who is alive and well and free. This
    could make that Tamar will be mother to illegitimate children, Heaven forbid. Susan, too, became extremely agitated that I
    married Yemima without a NYS approved divorce. I gave Susan the get she
    demanded and then I married Yemima.
    Susan got the courts to rule again and again that my 3 daughters from
    Yemima are illegitimate. I’m fighting in
    NYS Court of Appeals motion 2015-1219.

    See Susan’s book:

    “These women, citizens of
    modern Western democracies, may be civilly divorced but must petition rabbinic
    courts in their quest to obtain a gett. In these courts women are subject to financial
    demands, pressured to drop charges of domestic violence and pedophilia against
    their husbands and to concede custody and visitation rights to unfit fathers. This
    book takes the reader inside the rabbinic courts, into civil divorce courts and
    legislatures that contend with this problem and into the lives of victimized
    women and children.”

  20. A couple that holds hemselves out to the (jewish, or even non jewish) public as married, whether or not they ever were intimate, require a get to separate.

    Even if they never were 'together', they are halachically married.

  21. Non-Jewish does not require a Get at all.


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