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Tamar Epstein case: Is this a reason for tragedies in our communities?

guest post from "fedup with corrupt rabbis"

In my opinion this whole fiasco of Rabbi Kaminetsky and Rabbi Greenblatt is Hashem's way of throwing things back on our face. The Torah alludes to a fact that when one starts to "chip away" at the Torah, then the end result will be heresy. The Rabbis of the generation and especially Rabbi Kaminetsky who has been involved in countless divorce situations and almost always sides with the woman now has a situation which on the surface suggest heresy. This is the repercussion for "chipping away" of the Torah foundations regarding hilchos Gittin. What has been "chipped away" was the fundamental rights of a man in a GET process. Some rabbis got together 20-30 years ago and decided that we have an "Aguna " crisis and immediately started to attack men in divorce matters without justification other than money and greed. 

This is evidenced by the arrest of Mendel Epstein and his cohorts. Evidence shows that monies were accepted to kidnap a non existent or goy at best husband! Same to the RCA who issued a Seiruv against this "non-existent" husband without due process of careful inquiry into the matter. This blog has covered many other famous divorce cases where the MAN has been vilified, but there is always another side to the story. I applaud Rabbi Eidensohn for challenging rabbis in their halachic decisions especially in matters with severe consequences such as this. Chazal state that where there is Chilul Hashem, don't worry about "Kavod Harav" but worry instead about Kovod Hamokom" . I have said many times that I dare anyone to find me one rabbi in this generation that has ever quoted the Gemoro in Shabbos Daf 139 that states "IF YOU SEE TRAGEDY OCCURRING IN YOUR COMMUNITIES, GO AND CHECK YOUR CORRUPTED RABBIS WHO TWIST HALOCHO OR JUDGEMENT". 

We have seen many tragedies in the past years, so why has no one quoted a Gemoro that clearly explains to us the root cause of our sufferings? That's my point! We are living in a state of illusion that our Rabbis are grandiose and "without fault" and "surely don't take bribes" and therefore whatever they do is correct! Therefore Hashem shows us a rabbinic ruling so antithetical to the Torah to awaken us and show us how far we have strayed from the truth. You can argue with me all day, but when you see rabbis supporting women who litigate their husbands in the civil courts without a peep , clearly a major violation in Torah, extricating large sums of money from them, stealing their children, lending support to ORA and others to publicly shame and shun them etc. etc.. with no one today other than maybe Rabbi Gestetner protesting, you will surely get the wrath from heavens to answer for all the injustices. 

Much was stated already before in this blog and in about the halochos of marriage and divorce. Once you read it and study the Halochos, you will realize how far to the left have today's Rabbis have swung. Our sages took Divorce which was once allowed for a man to forcibly divorce his wife and decreed that it must be done with her consent. So now we have a situation where the modern day rabbis changed it again and allow for the woman to forcibly divorce her husband? They decided that any means is allowed. 

Firstly , no Sholom Bayis is necessary as that was the duty of only "Aharon Hacohen". Then they allow litigating in the civil courts. So then you have a situation such as Aharon Friedman and others like him who went to Bais Din but they come up with all sort of excuses that his Bais Din is unacceptable yadayada. So when they later find themselves in a bind with no GET, the corrupted rabbis pull out their "wild card" called "annulment" and try that method to free the woman. Therefore its no wonder that Rabbi Kaminetsky with Rabbi Greenblatt allowed a woman to remarry without a GET despite all the evidence showing that it cant be done.

If we don't stop these breaches of Torah now, then I fear we will continue to spiral down the pathway of our reformed Jews and pretty soon you will see "reform Jews with beard and payos.

May Hashem save us from the transgressors of the Torah and may we merit to return to the authentic traditions of our Torah.

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