Thursday, November 5, 2015

In light of the Tamar Epstein scandal: A call to action

Guest Post

Klal Yisroel is beset by numerous challenges both from internal and external factors. The external issues are to some degree dealt with by the leadership of the Agudath Israel organization. We are terribly lacking in leadership, or rather a leadership apparatus to deal with the internal burning issues of our day.

Every Rov, kehila and beis din is its own little island. For example when the “Grama Switch” was proposed there was no central authority to judge it. It took some time for this that and the other rov to get together and declare it chilul Shabbos and forbid it. Supposedly the concept is now finished, finally.

More recently the tzibbur was confronted with an issue of epic proportions, namely the remarriage of one Tamar Epstein without a Get.

The Rov who performed her second marriage is of impeccable credentials, a world renowned moreh horaah who has been relied upon by all rabbonim in many matters for decades.

I would not impugn upon this Rov’s credibility or integrity, yet when we are faced by a “agunah” who made herself into a cause celebrity as one, suddenly declaring herself “unchained” it is a grave matter to have this seemingly resolved without a written hetter from gedolei haposkim explaining what made this marriage invalid and invalidated.

Such is an issue of great precedent setting public policy importance and the lack of a vehicle for the rabbonim to receive and share information, formulate and provide public guidance is a void of epic proportions which must be filled.

The need in today’s day and age for an organization such as the Agudas Harabonim to be functional or to be replaced cannot be overstated.

Speak to your Rov, Rosh Yeshiva and Rebbe ask them to please join together with likeminded leaders of Bnei Torah for the sake of Hashem and the Torah.

With regard to Gittin and Kidushin, the shenanigans played by Toanim in Beis Din and general rabbinic protocols and standards the situation is totally out of control, everyone and anyone can do as they please and are answerable to no one. It’s time to end the madness. Nobody can say that they operate in a bubble, Rabonim do not necessarily need to be answerable to the masses, yet to their peers they need to be. Today’s situation allows for anyone to declare themselves a peer to whomever they please leaving us with this circus like situation.

Signed with the hope for a better tomorrow.

Echad mibnei hayeshivos


  1. Who currently controls the Agudas HaRabbonim? It is still a legally existing organization. Can it be revitalized for the same purpose it served when Rav Moshe was its President?

  2. Too much (old) politics.

    If you find an (appropriate) rav to lead the organization, acceptable to all, or at least to many, maybe it can be done.

    If its a satmar, their not interested. They have their own organization.
    If its a lubavitcher (non meshichist), it still won't be acceptable to many.
    If its a litvak, he still won't be accepted by other litvaks.
    If he eats non gebrokts, others wont accept.
    If he eats quinoa, another groue won't accept. (Even though everyone eats his hashgacha.)
    If he eats agri, others won't respect him.
    If he eats meal mart, another group won't accept

    Agudah is too smart to get involved.

    There is no rav eliezer silver, no RMF, no rav schalb.

    There is no rav eliezer silver, no RMF, no rav schqa



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