Thursday, May 14, 2015

World Jewish Congress VP Adamovsky guilty of £22m fraud

Jewish Chronicle    A court has found that Andrey Adamovsky, vice president of the World Jewish Congress, defrauded former business partners to the tune of $34.7 million (£22.3m).

A civil court judge handed down the verdict last October, but Mr Adamovsky, who was found to have illicitly deprived two co-owners of his Oledo Petroleum company of their 45 per cent share of its sale, has not yet paid them back. [...]

Mr Kenney, a Canadian lawyer who specialises in prosecuting large-scale fraudsters, said it was “unconscionable” that a proven thief could still represent the WJC. 

He said: “It’s shocking to me that a reputable organisation like the WJC would make such an appointment.”

A WJC representative said: "Mr. Adamovsky is a member of the WJC Executive by virtue of having been being elected co-chairman of the Vaad of Ukraine, which under the WJC Constitution automatically makes him an ex-officio member of the WJC Executive Committee. Mr Adamovsky’s civil litigation over a commercial dispute is totally unrelated to the World Jewish Congress or the Jewish community of Ukraine. It began and ended well before he became a member of the WJC Executive Committee in March 2015.[...]


  1. How can anyone look upon the World Jewish Congress as being reputable?
    What do they actually do except make us embarrassed?

  2. WJC is a joke and the biggest joke of all is its chairman, that buffoon Ronald Lauder. Lauder has only reached his position of affluence by being born into it.

    He surrounds himself by the likes of Adamovsky (a now proven crook), employs corrupt Rabbis like Biderman in Vienna, and to top it off, Ariel Muzicant is his VP in Vienna ( ) who has done nothing to help the Schlesinger twins.

    Lauder himself goes around the world warbling on about that very tired "anti-Semitism" agenda:

    As he tells everyone not to be silent during times of persecution he, and the entire WJC, are silent during the persecution of the Schlesinger twins:

    Has he ever wondered whether the corruption caused by Austrian Rabbis and leaders has contributed to anti-Semitism there?

    Without his money, Lauder would be an unknown nobody, but unfortunately because he is rich, no one has told him what a dangerous clown he is on the world stage.


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