Monday, May 4, 2015

Ethiopians riot again - this time in Tel Aviv: PM says violence is not acceptable - legitimate protests are

Arutz 7    The riots in Tel Aviv Sunday by Ethiopian protesters have prompted politicians to comment on the situation. Speaking with Public Security Minister Yitzhak Aharonovitch, Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu said that there was definitely good reason to examine the issues raised by protesters, “but there is no place for violence and violations of the law.” Netanyahu has called a government meeting for Monday to discuss Sunday's riots.

Aharonvitch said that there was “no doubt that the protesters have justified complaints. In Ofer Prison today, 19% of the inmates are Ethiopian, and there have been times where 40% of the inmates have been from that community. But they do not have a permit for this protest, and that makes it illegal.

“We have to understand the root causes of the protests,” Aharonovitch said. “I see what happens in my hometown of Netanya, I see the problems. But you cannot take a single incident – in this case the video of violence by a police officer – and turn it into a reason for a riot. These things happen, with Ethiopians, with Russians, with Arabs, with immigrants from France. The solution is not just with the police. On Monday there will be a government meeting about this,” said Aharonovitch. “I hope we will find some solutions.”[...]


  1. These violent thugs should be deported back to Ethiopia.

  2. Violent rioting by gangs of criminals can never be characterized as non-violent protest. The true racism here is the constant pandering and appeasement of black and Arab criminals by liberal Jews and the liberal media. Part of that appeasement is the fear by so many Jews to discuss the rulings of many major poskim who apparently ruled that the Ethiopians are non-Jews until and unless they undergo halachic conversion to Judaism.

    Whether in Israel, the US, or elsewhere, racist black power criminals know they can control and intimidate whitey with violent rioting that the liberal media and liberal Jews will propagandize as "protests" against alleged "racism".

    Rioting non-Jewish criminals in Israel have no halachic rights to live in Israel.
    If Jews have any respect for Torah law, they should demand that non-Jewish rioters either: fully accept Noachide laws and cease all criminality or else convert to Judaism, otherwise rioters should be deported from Israel to the crime and squalor of their third world countries of origin.


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