Thursday, August 28, 2014

Rivky Stein & Yoel Weiss: Rivky's claims are lies - Benyamin Abeles - claimed by Rivky to be one of her dayanim - gives affidavit that his name was forged on beis din documents and he is not a dayan

Rivky Stein and her mentor Frankel  have perpetrated a major fraud

The have created a false beis din with false dayanim and at least in the case of Abeles - he alleges that his signature was forged. When he found out about the misuse of his name he contacted Yoel Weiss and gave the following affidavit.

As I have said all along - Rivky's beis din is phony. Nobody ever heard of it or its dayanim. It poskened against the halacha. It could not be located or responded to by phone or email. Her case is full of lies and slander against Yoel Weiss. She has created an incredible chilul hashem in going to all the media with her lies, her forged documents, her false beis din, her begging for thousands of dollars from the public with a story of rape, kidnapping slavery etc etc. her disgusting RICO claim which is full of lies. The secular media - especially the New York Daily News' Reuven Blau - strongly supported her cause. Hopefully the media will have the integrity to publish a retraction.

In addition there is a strong backlash against her as the result of her recent posting about getting evicted by her foster parents - Rivky's supporters are deserting in droves.
Redeem Rivky 
Friends and supporters of Rivky Stein: We had thought that the Lefkowitz Family, who fostered Rivky when she was a teen, had decided to do the right thing, but today Rivky received the shocking news that she and her two tiny children will be evicted within 6 days, the week before the start of the school year. We are filled with dismay at this lack of basic human decency. Follow this page for further news. Voice your outrage. Help support Rivky in her struggle to be free.
Her posting about being evicted was taken down today - apparently because of the huge number of negative comments it elicited.

Her days as a media star-  as an aguna - are numbered


  1. The picture looks like an Israeli teudat zehut. That may explain why nobody heard of him since he is Israeli, and that's why he supposedly sat Shiva in Israel.
    However nobody came forward saying that they heard of the Mill Basin Beis Din yet. Additionally he can now answer on what basis he did not hear the other side before issuing a Cherem. Also why did they not answer the phone according to Yoel's claim?

  2. BH people are starting to see the light, and realize that if she can say the worst things in a public forum against the people who took her in and raised her without any expectations back, purely for chesed, maybe they shouldn't believe everything she says about her ex and her marriage??!!!
    I personally know the Lefkowitz's and have for years, and they are the most kind, generous, good people I have ever met in my life. All the supporters who were taken in by this evil person will realize that she needs mental help!

  3. Ask him how he gave a "Psak Din" without having both parties present in Beis Din as Halacha clearly demands.

    Ask him how he issued a "Psak Din" stating Yoel is halachicly obligated to give a Get when Halacha clearly does not obligate him to give a Get and it is against Halacha for a supposed beis din to keneged halacha order a husband give a Get.

  4. He loom likes a nice man. I hope he is. What in the world is the story here? Does he follow halacha? Who ordained him to be a rabbi? Whats the halachic excuse for the supposed psak?

  5. Does he even speak English?

  6. 1. As I've noted many times this whole theory of yours that the beis din does not exist is simply a conspiracy theory. You have yet to bring a shred of evidence to back it up... so this "shocking" revelation comes as no surprise.
    2. It is true that many are appalled at rivky's post regarding her foster home, yet they nevertheless support her right to a get. This just illustrates how ill conceived yoels strategy is. So long as he holds back the get, rivky retains a moral high ground. She can then use this high ground to raise money and engage in all kinds of antics that work to her benefit. Meanwhile no matter what yoel does he looks bad. If he levels the playing field with a get, she finally loses her moral high ground... and people will judge the dispute between them more objectively.

  7. He wasn't the one supposedly sitting shiva

  8. Do you have a screen shot of the Facebook post? It has already been removed.
    It's removal demonstrates it's importance to be preserved in the public eye.

  9. Verification of AddressAugust 28, 2014 at 9:39 AM

    Almonim Ploni.....................
    It wasn't rabbi Abeles that supposedly sat Shivah in Israel, it was rabbi Taub that supposedly sat Shivah in Israel ; rabbi Abeles supposedly (after being stuck in traffic) did show up by (b"d) Chabad e72 on 10th of Av .

  10. Verification of AddressAugust 28, 2014 at 9:56 AM

    Daas Torah.......
    Where is his signed affidavit?

  11. elamdan, are you not seeing this for what it is?? This man's name was forged onto the seruv documents and he is clearly stating that he is not even part of a beis din! This woman is an affront to all women who are REALLY victims of domestic violence .

  12. Unbelievable! A three series book should be made based upon this saga - it can sell millions! Truth can be a lot stranger than fiction.
    The sad part is that real people, and real lives have been hurt, used and abused. I hope Mr. Abeles, Yoeli and his two precious children can now begin the process of picking up the pieces and begin rebuilding their reputation and their lives. May Hashem be with them.

  13. Dude, Yoel has the high moral ground in every conceivable way. He has no obligation to give a Get. Not until and unless a bona fide be is din rules he must do so. That has not occurred. Furthermore, if a husband is being sued in non-Jewish court keneged halacha or is being denied access to his children by his wife using evil means, as Stein is doing both, that itself would be a very valid reason to hold off on giving a Get.

  14. סוף גנב לתלייה

  15. Before this document I was not convinced by the arguments here. However, when one if the purported dayanim says his name was forged, you know you're dealing with an evil, manipulative person. I donated some money to rivky and I sorely regret it now.

  16. The word "it" doesn't take the possessive apostrophe - "it's" can only mean "it is".

    Your sentence should be: Its removal demonstrates its importance to be preserved in the public eye.

  17. Verification of AddressAugust 28, 2014 at 4:35 PM

    Der Nayis...............
    The basic story about bashing her landlord was already for a long time on; over there she explains that this is one of the reasons why she needs money, for housing, bc Yoely (w/his supposedly controlling power) supposedly forced her landlord (foster parent) to get her evicted .

  18. You do realize r eidensohn just changed the whole post from yesterday don't u?

  19. Verification of AddressAugust 28, 2014 at 6:03 PM

    It's correct !

  20. Verification of AddressAugust 28, 2014 at 6:07 PM

    Can I be a 5 or 10% partner?

  21. Verification of AddressAugust 28, 2014 at 6:12 PM

    Der Nayis..........
    You're very correct !

  22. Verification of AddressAugust 28, 2014 at 6:13 PM

    It's possible !

  23. @elamdan - do you acknowledge that you were wrong about the beis din?

  24. @elamdan - do you acknowledge you were wrong about the beis din?

  25. Do you think it is wise to publish an Israeli ID card on the WWW?

  26. I think we should let FrankelStein do it - I'm almost afraid to start up with them! They don't have limits!

  27. You're right. I wrote this before the post was updated.

    The affidavit clearly shows that he could speak English.

  28. I didn't see that.. but the fact remains is that there is a signed legal doc by this person saying that he is not even a Dayan!

  29. Something strange here. Why would they choose this random person as their pretend dayan? His affidavit should be viewed skeptically until more is known.

  30. At this point, besides for having one more strong piece of evidence to help Yoily in his battle for custody, shouldn't Yoily begin the process of suing for defamation, etc?
    Wouldn't it give Yoily more leverage to counter Rivky's media defamation and court battles?

  31. What else should she have done? Pull a name out of thin air?

  32. Not based on this affidavit. Basically it looks like someone on Yoel's side chased some guy down from Israel who is not a dayan who happens to have this name and asked him to sign a document removing the siruv. If anything if seems like they were trying to get a fake signature to rescind the siruv!! Of course, the guy did not agree, so then they told him that his signature was forged on a siruv. Now, why would Rivky forge this particular non-dayan's name who noone ever heard of on a siruv. Obviously, she didn't. This guy just happens to have the same name. Now, I have never heard of the beis din but this affadavit is totally irrelevant because it is from some random guy who happens to have this name. Though it does seem to indicate that someone on Yoel's side was trying to forge a fake rescinding of the siruv. Hmmm.

  33. He probably isn't a dayan... he just happens to have the same name as the actual dayan. This proves nothing in particular.

  34. @elamdan - by your logic we should suspect that you are not a person but a computer which is imitating a person.

    The only way Rivky can refute the validity of this affidavit is if she produces the "real" dayan with clear identification. She has not been able to up till now. It is clear she can't and so your defense is nonsense.

  35. Well, that's pretty much what she did, no? If she's just inventing a beis din and forging a signature, why not invent one that cannot be disproved? I'm not accusing him, but it wouldn't surprise me if t learned that this fellow agreed to sign for money, and now realizes he's in over his head.

    And what's with all the odd detail -- you think the guy really noticed and remembered the license plate? Does not ring true.

  36. I saw the FB post that was taken down and the comments were almost all against Rivky. It backfired in a big way. For this interested, here's today's post:

    "In an error of judgment, while in the heat of hurt and betrayal, we posted something that we shouldn't have, without thinking it through. We lost focus in our battle for a Get for Rivky, and we are sorry. Rivky, who has limited internet access, has now read the post and asked us to remove it, not wanting to malign others. We apologize for risking your trust, as well as Rivky's. As we approach our Holy Days ahead, we are keenly aware that none of us is without fault, and we all have teshuva do. In the meantime, please help us stay focused on getting Rivky her Get."

  37. The affidavit gives specific names of the folks who tried to pay off this Rabbi Abeles to come to the E. 72 St. Chabad House on Aug. 6 when Rivky Stein went there supposedly with her three dayanim. Stein needed an Abeles to appear to pretend he was one of the originals, so Stein needed a man with a government identity card calling himself "Benyamin Dovid Abeles", not exactly a common name. This fellow is probably the only guy on the planet with that name. And Rivky Stein needed him since she claimed he was her dayan.

  38. Wow elamdan is quite creative! that is quite a tale...

  39. But don't you agree that someone was trying to get this random guy who is not a dayan to retract the siruv? Doesn't that strike you as a bit strange?

  40. Well, if you read teh affidavit, it seems that an ally of hers -- this Mr. Galant -- knows this fellow and produced his name,

  41. That's not what I read. I read that they needed this guy to come sign a rescinding of the siruv. Accordingly, he was being paid off by someone on yoels side. What line in the letter are you referring to?

  42. Read the affadavit carefully. The guy is saying quite clearly that someone on yoels side was trying to bully him into rescinding the siruv. In other words they found someone with the same name who "looked like a rabbi" and were going to use him to forge a document on behalf of yoel. The affadavit is actually quite an indictment against yoels side... what an I missing here?

  43. Well, she just hurt the cause of any real Agunos anywhere with her sheker. Bad move on so many levels.

  44. Now who's sounding like a conspiracy theorist. "A guy who just happens to have the exact same name'?! Give me a break! What are the chances with that name?! It is about as common as my last name, and anyone with my last name is from one of two families and we basically all know each other exist.

  45. Verification of AddressAugust 29, 2014 at 4:33 AM

    Even though that you have proven yourself (from all your previous comments) to be a very strong loyal ally of Rivky Stein, but to me, your very recent comment [(of 2 hours ago) to Ari B] don't make any sense at all !

  46. Verification of AddressAugust 29, 2014 at 4:50 AM

    In Yiddish they say a Shvauns/Shvain!

  47. Verification of AddressAugust 29, 2014 at 5:03 AM

    Got you !

  48. Verification of AddressAugust 29, 2014 at 5:15 AM

    Honesty .......... ...
    Got you again !
    BTW, today, none of the comments of erLamdan make any sense to me !

  49. Why his name? I'm sure Mr. Galant knows lots of people. In fact, why any actual person's name? Once she's pulling a scam, why not one that cannot be disproved.

  50. I see how you are reading the document now. Honestly both scenarios sound completely whacked... running around bribing someone with the same name to sign stuff... it's all just a bit too ridiculous to believe...whichever side was supposedly engaging in it. I still don't get why yoel can't just go to a legit beis din and ask them to resolve this if he is telling the truth.

  51. Verification of AddressAugust 29, 2014 at 5:42 AM

    What's the change ?

  52. You must be a real e-lamdan, because a real lamdan you aren't. You aparently walked in in the middle of a sugya and decided what's going on. Every time you say something, you put your foot deeper into your mouth.
    So, here's the backgound, of which you are clearly clueless (and that's a limud zechus):

    Yoeli has been maintaining that there is no siriv because the Beis Din doesn't exist. To prove that, he agreed to give a get, in public, as long as Rivky would produce the three signatories of the siruv, who would have to provide their identification and Rabbinic credentials, and they would remove the siruv at the same time that the get was given.

    Yoeli's point wasn't to get the siruv removed, it was to prove that there was never a Beis Din. A fellow by this name showing up would have worked against him.

  53. The name doesn't match. Is it Binyamin Dovid or Dovid Binyamin? Look at the original seruv and psak din. It has a different name and is missing the Yissacher.

  54. The reason she used someone real, in case Yoel was offering a get but only on condition her dayan remove the siruv, she took someone real hoping to pay him some money, and act as a dayin.

  55. Beit Din of Marine Park & Mill Basin

    1278 e 72nd Street

    Brooklyn, NY 11234

    ATTN: Yoel Weiss August 6th 2014


    re: Rivka Stein v. Yoel Weiss

    This is to inform you that based on your recent email sent to the Beit Din requesting to issue a Get to Rivka Stein we have made all necessary arrangements for you to do so. We will be awaiting your prompt arrival at 12pm today at the Beit Din located at 1278 e72nd Street Brooklyn, NY 11234.

    A SMS has also been sent to your phone number at 718 666 6619.

    Thank you,

    Rabbi Yisroel M. Farkash

    Beit Din Administrator

    cc: Michael Stutman

    cc: Jeffrey Berke

    cc: Hon. Ester Morgenstern

    cc: Rivka Stein

  56. Who is Rabbi Yisroel M. Farkash

  57. Who Is Uziel Frankel Google His Name

  58. Check Out The Beis Din Address

  59. This is the first address they used

    Sephardic Center of Mill Basin
    (718) 968-81826208 Strickland Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11234

  60. Looks like the traveling "beit din".

  61. Can you supply any information about the "real dayan."

  62. Listen, don't be too hard on Rivky please. After inventing a very uncommon name the best she could do was find someone with the closes similar name to hire. Luckily, she found almost a match that was passable. Unluckily for her the gentleman refused to play her game to besmirch an innocent Jew even thought she was willing to pay him.

  63. eLamdan the name lamdan is for someone who splits 2 hairs as someone who's trying to split 1 plz stop calling yourself lamdan

  64. Chaim Saperstein
    Ettel, if a woman cleaves to fake Batei Dinim, sometimes they are the ones who make receiving the Get impossible.
    At this point you have absolutely no evidence to show that she didn't just engineer this entire "Aguna situation" to destroy her husband.
    Believe it ore not, sometimes the Get is just secondary.
    It is about destroying the husband.
    What kind of woman does that?
    A vindictive narcissist...
    The kind of woman who would publicly call out her foster parents for not letting her live in their own home any more.
    The kind of woman who would have a fake Beis Din and fake Dayyanim write letters of excommunication about the husband.
    Fake Agunos ruin it for the real Agunos.
    Especially when people fall for it, hook line and sinker.
    4 · Yesterday at 10:13pm

  65. To clarify my position. If the document is legit it does imply that someone on rivkis side was trying to hire someone to stand in as a fake dayan. The issue is that the document is being produced by yoels side so it could be a fake... hard to know. Regardless, he needs to take her to a legit bd. None of this excuses yoel from dodging that basic responsibilityoso this is irrelevant.

  66. Possible, but my scenario seems more likely. To me, anyhow.

  67. If Rivky wants a Get then she has to take her husband to a legit beis din. He does not have to initiate anything at all. If and when she takes him to beis din, the beis din then will have a trial to determine if he is or isn't obligated to giver her a Get. Until that happens she is not entitled to a Get.

  68. So take her to a real beis din. The solution is quite simple. The fact that you are not willing to take her to a real beis din makes her a real agunah.

  69. @eLamdan - that is an incorrect understanding of the term aguna. A woman who takes her husband to secular court and creates a false beis din and as a result prevents the resolution of the major issues - is not an aguna. That is the classic case of a child kiling his parents and then demanding mercy because he is an orphan. The delay in obtain in Get is from Rivky - not from Yoel. It seems clear that Rivky's primary goal is to try and destroy Yoel rather than getting divorced.

  70. Will the real BDY Abeles aka DBY Abeles please stand up.

  71. U still have not explained...what would be the harm in yoel going to the rca beis din and getting a letter approving the fact that he need not give a get?

  72. A) If Rivky wants a Get then SHE needs to petition a real deal beis din for it. The husband does not need to do anything other than respond to a real beis din case if there is one.

    B) The RCA/BDA is a left-wing beit din in the Orthodox spectrum and Chareidim don't use it or hold of their views and procedures. We have our own sets of butei dinim.

  73. In what ways are their views and procedures different? Are u saying they would side with rivky but other charedi batei din would not?

  74. One example is that they insist a Get be given upfront prior to the resolution of the separation and divorce issues. This is a change from normative the gittin process as practiced for centuries and continued to be practiced by mainstream Orthodox/Chareidish butei dinim. They also tend to not go strictly according to halacha when secular law takes a different approach than Jewish law and move the needle towards how secular law differentiates from halacha.

  75. Verification of AddressSeptember 1, 2014 at 6:14 AM

    Eramdan. .........
    To clarify your position, is this doc legit ? Yes ? Or No ? Is this the same Abeles sign as the dayan of the b"d ? Or is it a duplicate Abeles ?

  76. Verification of AddressSeptember 1, 2014 at 6:20 AM

    Eramdan .......
    To clarify your position ,
    Do you believe the RCA/BDA would rather be on Rivky's side ?

  77. less din veless Dayan. Currently, there is only one Abeles with this name, and verified in no uncertain terms that this whole saga is nothing but a fraud by 'tipshim leheira'. And yes, he posted this affidavit in conjunction with his identity card, kedei lehotzi miliban shel tzedokim. All those schirei cherev hired guns for Character Assasination, may they now rest in peace. Veho'elokim yevakesh es hanirdaf.

  78. There is contradictory evidence. We have a signed siruv and newspaper articles (that sed two of the dayanim were there etc) that support rivky. Yoel produces an affidavit from someone testifying to an elaborate scheme to concoct a beis din. It's possible yoels claims are accurate but that leaves me with a question... why concoct a beis din when rivky can easily go to a real one!

  79. Contradictory evidence only proves that the signed alleged siruv is mezuyaf
    mitocho umigabo. A signature without a signer, that cannot verify lemi
    hachotemet, harei heim psulim lefonecho, let alone that he cannot verify
    himself. Indeed, yavo baal hashor veyaamid al shoiro. All we have is an
    invisible "veoso Soiro", venoshach leshunro, no heter hoiro'oh, no batiach and
    no batata, no nothing. The only real Abeles is out, taub flew me'ever layam, and
    you are left with one ghost that a siruv is allegedly claimed by, and even he is
    heresay. Who will buy this marbitz glollim in a witches brew. Abeles is not just
    "someone", he is the sole owner of his name declaring that he is NO Dayan, never
    signed a siruv, and had no part of this concocted ponzi scheme kangaroo beit din
    sadeh. Yoel's claims indeed is accurate without any further questions. As for
    your gevaldovne 'MIGUI', a real one would never release a siruv while she never
    appeared, never applied, never 'don dinah' of chiyuv get, let alone without the
    presence of the other party at hand. Migui bemakom sheker lo amrinan, kappish.
    Other than that, when you grow up, you will be one of the most leading 'Toen' of
    taanos hevel havolim she'ein bo mamosh of this century. And Oh' yes, one more
    thing before we go, your self proclaimed name "lamden", is not so melumad after
    all. Haven't you learnt, yehalelucho zar velo picha, Huh? Your Honor, I rest my

    A gutten Purim.

  80. Because a real beis din would probably deny Rivky's request for an immediate Get.

  81. Discovering the malicious intent of character assassination, hiring guns
    and professional PR, harassing an innocent soul, intimidating and Epsteining
    goon squads with Canines to blackmail into a Get Meusse, Wolmarking spilling
    Jewish blood to secure a home run, disregarding Chilul HaShem not the least, is
    not enough. We can learn from Parshat Sotah, when she was accused in vain,
    "venikso venizreo zora", and we can learn from parshat Eidim Zommemim,
    "va'asitem lo ka'asher zomam", calling for payback time. All the anguish Mr.
    Weiss suffered at the hands of these professional Shofchei Domim, and the pain,
    sleepless nights from all their cohorts, hen beshogeg, vehen bemeizid, they must
    be accountable. Discovery is not enough. To many of these false Agunos screaming
    rape, "Wolf", vechol shaar maros bishin goings on, and it is time to clean
    house. Husbands need protection from these Racketeering KOL DEALIM GVARnikes. At
    time of discovery the damage has been done and much too late. We desperately
    need a proactive group to counter these sub humans, turn tables, eishes
    Potifars, nimushim shebenimushim. Thanks to Rabbi Eidensohns blog that gives us
    the opportunity to vent our frustration and letakes eitzo to stop them in their
    tracks. A Nachson group of volunteers is necessary to squelch these Azei Ponim,
    pochzim vereikim that find too much time on their hands. Anyone caught in such
    lowlife acts must be publicized immediately with all the bells and whistles.
    Vaasisem lo kaasher zomam laasos, and then we see how much of a big guy and big
    moish they will be. All ideas to counteract these shameless kalgasim is
    appreciated, vechol hamarbeh harei ze meshubach. Umi sheamar leolamo day, yomar
    letoroisenu day. A Shana Tova for all.

  82. Or the affadavit is forged and the siruv is not as per the newspaper article. See how this game never ends? According to rde everything for rivky is questioned everything for yoel is not. Remember the letter from meditation? Rde says hey he isn't a real mediator! It's the same game every time.

  83. Rabbi Eidensohn,

    Off topic to this thread, but I read through the voluminous material on your blog about Ma'os Alei. I got the clear picture that halacha does not allow forcing or even simply pressuring a husband to give a get on a ma'os alei claim. But what I did not get a clear picture of is if the husband is obligated per halacha to give it to her on every ma'os alei claim, even though beis din has no authority to force it. Can beis din simply tell him he is obligated to give it anytime a woman claims ma'os alei?

    Does whether b'd tells him he must give it (but cannot pressure or force him) and he is halachicly obligated to give it depend on beis din making a decision regarding the validity pr invalidity of the ma'os alei claim? If so, what would determine if the maos alei claim is valid and results in his halachic obligation to give a get (even if no pressure or force can brought upon him)?

    Again, to stress, my question pertains only whether he has an halachic obligation to give it and NOT regarding whether no pressure or force can be brought on him. (And again I am not speaking of any case at all; just general halacha.)

  84. Verification of AddressSeptember 2, 2014 at 7:34 AM

    ERamdan....... .. ....
    So again to clarify your position ,
    Why can't Rivky go to real legit known b"d to make them reach out to Yoel to come over to get to the process towards giving a get ?
    Also to clarify your position ,
    Why did Rivky made history of concocting a b"d ?
    Why couldn't she just go to a real b"d to begin with ?

  85. @David you are right - this is off topic. The answers to your questions are have been posted before.

    Briefly - the husband has no obligation to give a get simply because she claims she can't stand him.

    However, if it is clear that the only reason he is not giving a get is because of spite or desire to extort money he has no right to - then the poskim clearly condemn him and say he should give a divorce. But if there are issue such as she has taken him to secular court or they have not gone to beis din etc etc - then the situation is different and he has no obligation to give a get.

    However if there is are objective factors why she wants a divorce and the beis din agrees with her - then they can apply pressure - type is dependent on a number of issues - on him to divorce her

  86. Verification of AddressSeptember 2, 2014 at 1:22 PM

    Tachlis , What's your final clear position o

  87. This strategy of sending a frontrunner solo towards the enemy line to
    deliver a first blow while getting support of deadly force and a shower blast of
    bullets from behind, clearing a path for him so that the enemy cannot raise
    their heads in order to stop him in his tracks. That is the reason utilizing
    deadly force through the PR of this Bilams ass mitbollelet machsheifa oicheret
    Yisrael, spreading false rumors all over the media to soften the way before
    suing away to her hearts content. Before you can firefight the first barrage of
    lies, another salvo is following up in droves like Katyusha rocket fire without
    relief. Now you know why she opted out from seeking a legit Beit Din. Since that
    we have uncovered these false allegations, she must face the music with
    impunity, hung and strung left out to dry at high noon in Town square, putting
    her permanently out of business. Let it be known to the whole wide world what
    this Frankenstein Vampire blood sucker makes for a living. In addition she
    should be sued for no less than $480,000,000 for defaming, ambushing a
    preemptive strike, character assassination, causing irreparable harm, pain and
    anguish amongst many others. Can you imagine the grandiose Chillul Hashem she
    inflicted with full support of chachomim lehera asher beshem yisroel yechune.
    They should all be put in cherem permanently, so that velo yishoma od shod
    veshever beyisroel. Only thus shall put a stop to these Terrorists of komim olay
    mereim shuolim mechablim bakromim. Uviarto horo mikirbecho velo yezidin od. Veoz
    yishkot ho'oretz arboim shana. Does anyone out there also feel my pain???

  88. Rabbi Eidensohn,

    In a case where he sincerely wishes to remain married despite her maos alei claim, and there is no spite or extortion, yet she is insistent in demanding a get, what objective factors would b'd consider to determine if he's required to give it? Or does he have no obligation whatsoever to give it?

  89. Don't
    believe for one second that after all this, he still wants to be married to this
    insane marsha'as. Mr. Weiss demonstrated by going along, willing to comply
    giving a get, provided that it is not a fly by night fictitious beit din, with
    fictitious dayonim haporchim beavir. She on the other hand made a mockery of
    Kivyachol haKadosh Boruch hu veTorosoi, mocking impostering and falsifying a
    Beit Din Tzedek Umishpot as if Dayonei Emes, megaleh ponim batora shelo
    kehalacha, posting a falsified siruv asher lo haya velo nivra, all in the name
    as if Din uMishpot of emes votzedek. Such Divrei Bela is none other than Chilul
    Hashem Beferhesya, Borabim of Biblical proportions, leinei kol yisroel uleinei
    kol ha'amim. What she deserves is not a get, but a Mi shepora ledor hamabul
    uledor hafloga beshivim leshonos bechol haperushim. She deserves to be put in
    CHEREM for life and throw the key away, so that she may be strewn into the kaf
    hakela mesof kol haolam ad sofo leolam vaed selah, and never find peace. Mr.
    Weiss Lehavdil, bein Yom ubein Loylo, ubein Yisroel leIsha 'haYisre'elis',
    could take advantage and acquire a heter meah rabonim, since she refused his
    offer. that is what you call a well deserved Kosher Fanguna, as the Talmud says,
    "ein odom mes ad sheyitztarech leoso dovor". Meaning, that if you feign an act
    of being what you truly are not e.g. in collecting sympathy as if an Agunah, you
    will not die before you will be inflicted with such. And thus will put an end to
    such atrocities.

  90. Verification of AddressSeptember 3, 2014 at 1:39 PM

    Who is Rabbi Aharon Berlin ?

  91. There is one point in this affidavit that bothers me; When this Abeles was originally approached he did not know that they were up to no good so why did he feel the need to take note of the license plate tag number? It just comes off a little strange. Unless somebody showed him the car after the fact and he confirmed it was the same car. In that case it should have been noted as such.

  92. Read the Affidavit, " a Mr. Galant that he already knew". That might easily include his car and recognized it on his visit to him. In any case, from wherever he got his information, he is affirming in no uncertain terms that he smelled a rat, and disassociated himself leaving no stone unturned, that this whole scheme is a fake, fraud and phony without his consent

  93. Verification of AddressSeptember 4, 2014 at 5:12 AM

    Who is Rabbi Lichter ?

  94. Verification of AddressSeptember 4, 2014 at 5:13 AM

    Who is Shira Dicker ?

  95. Verification of AddressSeptember 4, 2014 at 5:28 AM

    Why is this relevant ?

  96. Verification of AddressSeptember 4, 2014 at 5:32 AM

    Who is this Nathan Galant ? Is he in any way related to Farkash ?

  97. that leaves me with a question... why concoct a beis din when rivky can easily go to a real one!

    Very simple! A real Beis Din would:
    1) Not slander the husband - and she has a need for her vindictiveness.
    2) Not give her what she wants, just like the court is not giving her what she wants - and she is no t willing to accept that.
    3) Not give her the opportunity to collect all this money.
    4) Not be what her gangster adviser/advocate wants.

  98. These are all unlisted names at random from the telephone book. A big SHANDE, that such a SHA'ARURYA and be able to get away with it. Where are all the Botei Dinim, why aren't they all screaming FOUL. Should someone's Hechsher have a sircha they will all be up in arms, and here we have such a sirachon ve'ein potse peh umetsaftsef, HAYITOCHEN? It is "IGUN" just as well, spreading all kinds of rumors, character assasination, with shfichus domim 'tartei mashma', boiler room operation of Ra Bonim, Anoshim Roim vaChatoim, Moitsiei Shem Ra, Ra leshomayim veRa labriyos parading around as if a BETH DIN TZEDEK. Oy ledor shekach olso lo beyomov! Who is this Shira Dicker??? May the whole toichecho in its entirety befall upon her, veshem reshoim yirkav. Maasei yoday tovim bayam, veatem omrim shirah, Huh? Moshiach Moshiach, "kum leiz unts shoin ois, veil mir halten shoin mer nisht ois".

  99. Verification of AddressSeptember 4, 2014 at 4:22 PM

    Egleh Arifeh.... .......
    Why not Eglah Arufah ?

  100. Verification of AddressSeptember 4, 2014 at 4:27 PM

    Who is that Mega gangster that got mentioned by Rabbi Lichter ?

  101. Shtei
    tshuvos bedovor.


    and when they sever the head along the vocal chords, you not only lose your
    head, but your voice along with the accent. However, the message must come
    through in any which way you only can. Ask Yossel Arafat, he was a bechor peter
    chamor shoiteh without poydenu umatsilenu, therefore, va'arafto, he lost


    ze tishal lishmi vehu pleyi.

    the case may be, it is a sad state of affairs that there are those that support
    blindly, anyone screaming "Agunahhhhhhhh}}}. Even after proven to be false, they
    go back quietly to their foxholes with their tails coupled up, no apology, no
    nothing and they still keep on repeating their mistakes all over again. Where is
    Yoisher, is the blood of the Husband not as red as the blood of the fake alleged
    so called Aguno's. What's good for the goose is good for the gander. Even the
    Torah says "Torah achas yihye lochem, lo sakir ponim, lo yihye lecho eifoh
    voeifoh", and on and on. Who knows, they all might belong to this
    overnight migdal haporeach ba'avir flying on a broomstick kind of beis din in
    Moreinu de la park, behind a mill, somewhere in the basin, and that is why no
    one ever heard of it before. No wonder everyone is running around like chicken
    without a head.

    hope this puts it in perspective.

  102. Verification of AddressSeptember 5, 2014 at 4:47 AM

    Egleh Arifeh...'..
    Love your comments !!!
    Matok midvash !!! :-) :-)

  103. Verification of AddressSeptember 5, 2014 at 4:52 AM

    Egleh Arifeh......
    Amayn Kayn yehi ratzoyn ! :-)


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