Thursday, August 14, 2014

Rav Gedalia Schwart Nefesh Chicago 2011


  1. I think the answer to your question is obvious. You are criticizing the CBD for things you presume that they have failed to do. This is an allegation that is far more speculative and would require a real investigation to substantiate. How do you know they did not advise people in Israel to go to the police? How do you know that was a feasible option for an American Beis Din?

    On the other hand, the criticism of the IBD is for what they actually did. The day after the CBD advised not going to the seminaries, the IBD announces the seminaries have been sold and all is well. Then a letter is released from one of the seminaries that advises its girls to keep quiet. These are two things that actually happened - not merely accusations of what did not happen.

  2. RDE, please explain your stand. I asked this question in a comment to an earlier post, but got no reply. At what point would you have recommended that the CBD go public.I'm certain that you agree that it's both prudent and halachically mandated to have waited until the charges were substantiated. Do we know that the CBD waited beybeyond that point. More to the point, what does this charge have to do with the more pressing issue of the stand of the CBD vs the IBD. Anyone else catching a whiff of red herring?

  3. I haven't watched the video, but I have a question about R. Schwartz's involvement in this thing subsequent to the original hearing and guidelines. I've heard rumors that he was not in favor of the public letter, and was pressured by the Gottesman and the other two to sign it. We certainly have not heard from him since, unlike the other two, who run around tirelessly promoting their position, trying to get letters from gedolim etc.Where is he in the mess his beis din has created? What's his opinion of all these goings-on?


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