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Rivky Stein & Yoel Weis: A catalogue of Rivky's problematic legal attacks on Yoel - Court Document


  1. The point is that the court has multiple times found Rivky to be lying. By having made false arrests against Yoeli, the police also found Rivky to be lying. Same with them barring her from filing any more protection orders based on false allegations. All around she's been found to be a wanton liar by the authorities and courts.

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    I tried a few times but I could only see the first 3 pages !

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    What do you mean?
    I only have an android phone !
    I don't have any other computer !

  4. @Verification - so that means your phone doesn't have enough memory to load a 31 page document

  5. fedupwithcorruptrabbisAugust 11, 2014 at 4:04 PM

    This type of behavior by Rivky is indicative of possible mental illness often seen postpartum. If her mother had psychiatric problems, then rest assure that some of her children will have it too. The problem is that it manifests itself after childbirth.
    DT what do you think about the idea of setting up a special Bais Din where the man deposits a GET early on and such a Bais Din stipulates that if the woman goes to civil court she doesnt receive the GET till everything is undone? Our Bais Din system is broken! The bais Dins of today only know how to punish the men by using Seiruv and ORA but with no punishments for the recalcitrant woman?

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    I remember like about 11-13 years ago when I met for the very first time Rivky's father Yudel Stein in Boro Park; if I remember well, at that time he was a guest in Boro Park, He was then claiming that he's looking for outside help bc his wife (Rivky's mother) had disappeared for a very long time and he couldn't locate her anymore, so he then said that he's in desperate need for a Heter meah Rabbonim. (If I remember well, the children were staying with him at that time), so I tried to help him by getting him to come over to (then B.M.H. of B.P. of) Rav Nochum Zvi Josephy Ob"m, so he should be getting by him the actual help needed to achieve his desperate Heter maiah Rabbonim.

  8. Asher Pihem Diber ShavAugust 11, 2014 at 5:56 PM

    I am not sure it is relevant for DT to point out every one of her claims to be false. The fact that she is the plaintiff in the case tells us everything we need to know.
    She didn't go to Beis Din. She went to court. I am somewhat convinced, that if she would have gone to beis din, never had her husband arrested, etc.. She would already have her GET.

    With that being said, we should all be working on solutions to end this drama. Yoeli and Rivky are no longer a couple, no longer living as a couple, and we should all as one, be trying to help BOTH OF THEM eparate and go on their own ways. (This drama IMHO is not helpful for our dear Yoeli either). Once the GET is given, we should not forget about them. Help them remarry and have new families. While Yoeli halachically may not "owe" her the GET, I think everyone here agrees that it's going in that direction. Why not help them through it. Cheering for her to remain without a GET long term, seems pornographic to me.

  9. @Asher - you have repeated the same assertions quite a few times. It is obvious you think it is in everyone's best interest to give the Get first. But it isn't.

    Speak with rabbis and lawyers who deal with divorce and ask them what happens in a contentious divorce when tthe husband gives the get when the wife demands it?

  10. The first step in helping them, even before the Get, is dropping all lawsuits in secular court, stopping using police to get anyone arrested, stop trying to prevent a parent from seeing his children and agreeing to follow halacha on all the issues.

  11. Guest post by RaP

    1) Now that you confirmed and came together on August 6 at the "E72nd" Street address in Brooklyn, why didn't the "beit din" papers you sent to Yoel Weiss state that address clearly on all the documents it sent him in the first place, and if it was a mistake, why didn't they issue a clarification?

    2) If the "E72nd" Street address was always the "right address" why was the non-existent address at "E77nd" Street continuously and deliberately typed on all the original documents that were sent to Yoel Weiss by the "beit din" and why did you keep on repeating the wrong (alternate) deceptive address at "E77nd" all the way through, even as the meet-up date on August 6 approached?

    3) Why did you choose the address of a Chabad house at "E72nd" Street as the "official address" of your "beit din" if no Chabad rabbis were involved? Or were they? How was a group of strangers coming for a "get" ceremony let in to the premises if as that Chabad alleges it did not know of any "beit din" -- can you explain this entire perplexing "arrangement"?

    4) Were ALL the original three "rabbis" -- Chaim Taub, David Binyamin Abales, Yehoshua Goodman --on the documents you sent Yoel Weiss present on August 6 at "E72nd" Street? If yes, which ones were there, and if not, why not? Can anyone confirm this reliably and can someone please confirm the backgrounds and credentials (yeshivas where they learned, type of semicha they hold etc) of these supposed "rabbis'?

    5) Why couldn't Yoel Weiss reach any of the original three "rabbis" for months after he had received the documents with his name on it, nor could he reach any of them on the day they supposedly gathered August 6, why was that?

    6) You claimed one of the original rabbis was "sitting shiva in Israel" who was he and why couldn't you provide a phone number to reach him?

    7) Who were the other "rabbis" that you assembled as "alternates" for the "beit din" at "E72nd" Street on August 6 and can this be confirmed by anyone reliable?

    8) Why did the pro-Aguna ORA organization eventually publicly deny any connections with you and your "beit din"?

    9) Why did The Jewish Press a pro-Aguna paper abruptly withdraw its endorsement of your "beit din" without further explanation?

    10) Why did you permit a reporter from the New York Daily News (Blau) to become involved in negotiating on your behalf on August 6? Did you or the "beit din" authorize him to do this? Who (rabbis or poskim, besides your mysterious "beit din") has approved your use of the media as a tool to attack Yoel Weiss?

    11) The name "Uziel (Uzi) Frankel" keeps on being mentioned in relation to you and the "beit din" who is he and what role does he play in all of this?

    12) Do any rabbis in the neighborhoods of Marine Park and Mill Basin, or does any reliable genuine bais din or poskim or gedolim approve of and use or even know about the "Beit Din Zedek of Marine Park & Mill Basin"? If not why not?

  12. Hear is a link to all the previous posts

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    Verification.........I didn't know what then went on later! I didn't know how he then found his wife? How they got settled ? Why Rivky (I didn't hear about the other children) was brought up by a foster family? Is there any health issue w/her mother? Etc etc

  15. For the first 20 people that contact me or my colleague via email at I will personally show you close to an hour of video footage of the beis din proceedings that never happened on the tenth of Av. Rivki Stein is a liar. It will also clearly show Hillel Stein Rivky's brother in video was knowledgeable that those 3 fictitious judges were not present. You will first identify yourself and tell us what is your involvement in the marriage or divorce of this Jewish couple. You better be equipped with facts of what you know. First come first served basis.

  16. Q. Why doesn't Yoel sue Rivky (or better yet, include the others involved too) for slander?
    Maybe even make it a RICO case. :-)

  17. Did anyone see the fact that she refused to go to a legitimate Beis Din and had Simcha Roth say she wants to settle in court.

    This thing is amazing. What a continuous bluffer full of wild and vile accusations. The molesting accusations!! This reads like bad fiction. How unfortunate that its true. So sad.

    Then on pages 25 and 26 are the vile and vicious attacks on her foster parents - oy.

  18. Asher Pihem Diber ShavAugust 12, 2014 at 12:31 AM


    You obviously haven't read my posts. I don't believe it always better to give a GET on demand. I believe it is usually better to bend a little, rather than stand on principle. Especially in divorce, and divorce agreements. Standing up until everything is perfect, is like finding the perfect Shiddach. It simply doesn't happen. Doesn't exist. If you aren't able to bend, you end up with a heart attack, because you can't control the behavior of an ex spouse. Especially, if you couldn't control her behavior when you were married to her !!!

  19. Amazing how this details just a continuous pattern of continuous lies and slanders.

    Also of note: She had Simch Roth tell Yoel that she refuses to go to a legitimate Beis Din and only wants to litigate in court. How can there be even the weirdest justification for concocting this sham beis din. Only Shira Dicker can answer this one!

    A nice person opened their heart and house for her. Is this how we say thank you - even if we're upset??!!! On pages 25 & 26...

  20. Where is the part of her bending a little? Is her multi-million dollar lawsuit in non-Jewish court an example of her bending? Is her having him arrested four or five times on false charges an example of her bending? Is her using every vicious method she can concoct to keep the children away from their father an example of her bending a little?

    Or should he bend over to her so she can kick him in the face harded?

  21. Asher Pihem Diber ShavAugust 12, 2014 at 2:50 AM

    My suggestion to her would be to bend as well. Drop all the court cases, have a relaxed visitation schedule, stop the nonsense, admit to her wrongdoings. I am in no way in her camp. I am not here singing her praise, nor blasting my dear friend Yoeli. I think Yoeli is correct halachically. I think Rivky has done many things wrong. She has to come down from her throne, and start recanting all the nonsense. The "Beis Din" the RICO, the 25k a month support, the orders of protection. Etc. I just think it in Yoelis best interest to find a way to get this over with. If possible. At the end, bending a bit is good for everyone.

  22. Its such a simple event. They did NOT produce the 3 rabbonim that was on their Beis Din letterhead. Yoely is trying in vain to prove this, then you have some guy posting "I still dont know very much about the case. This recording reflects very poorly on Weiss. He is accusatory and preachy"

    Rivki Stein is full of it. Her handler and chief advisor thought he could pull this sham off. Unfortunately he is looking like one fat bald headed buffoon, but because rivki looks so sweet and so cute we must all say poor woman doesn't have her Get. Any real man who allows a woman an ex wife to wipe the floors with him with her lies is not a man. She is on the verge of becoming a carbon copy of the notorious perry Reich!!

  23. @Asher - Yoel is well aware of the need to be flexible. But he also knows that if gives a finger at this point she will try to take everything. So it is self-defeating for him to be flexible at this point. Maybe when she stops the RICO or more likely when it is thrown out and she admits the Beis Din was fake - he can afford to be more generous.. In fact if she were more flexible thereprobably would not have been a need to get divorced in the first place.

  24. Verification of AddressAugust 12, 2014 at 3:42 AM

    Joe........ BTW, do you know anything about the story of Brenda Turtle ?

  25. Verification of AddressAugust 12, 2014 at 3:47 AM

    Joe....... I emailed you but I'm still waiting for your email back about the video footage of the hour b"d proceedings at the chabad house/shul e72 st .

  26. Verification of AddressAugust 12, 2014 at 3:48 AM

    Yoel Weiss....... Is Shaina Weiss your sister or sister in law ?

  27. Verification of AddressAugust 12, 2014 at 4:56 AM

    שוא ידברו

  28. I wrote a long comment on this previous post:

    Apparently some people got the wrong idea about my position. There are so many posts and comments coming up every day now, that that post is like ancient history, which is why I'm commenting here... where it's more likely to be read. I made a recommendation that Yoel not try to prove his case anymore among the hostile public. They are refusing to follow through to check if Rivky's facts are really true. And they are using anything he does to further defame him. The truth is being made available on this website, for anyone who cares to pursue it. The people who are attacking Yoel's reputation don't care about the truth. They believe in Get on Demand. They are not respecting the genuine halachic process towards dissolving a marriage which includes settling all issues that exist, in a competent Bais Din, so that a Get will eventually be given when it is indicated. So I don't think he should directly engage them any further. The more he tries to provide evidence to the redeemrivky supporters that Rivky is a liar, the more they twist his actions, words, tone, etc. to spread his defamation. It was a suggestion intended to prevent further erosion of Yoel's reputation. Some of what I wrote, to show how they can and will continue to do this may have come across as justification for people to take certain real information, and use it to perpetuate lies and continue this assault.

    That is not what I meant at all. I was just trying to show what they are doing with his efforts to establish that a Get is highly premature at this time for a bunch of reasons that have already been explained numerous times on this blog. My suggestion was about being careful not to try to offer them any proof anymore, however powerful it seems, because they will just use it to support accusations and claims against him.

    Personally, as soon as this "story" appeared in the tabloids, my immediate reaction was disgust with whoever put it there. She lost her credibility just with that one despicable action alone. Anything she has to say belongs in a reputable Beis Din, not in the media.

  29. Verification of AddressAugust 12, 2014 at 4:54 PM

    Just thinking...........................................
    We can very strongly be agreeing with your point(s) on your new post here, however I used your link to search your previous long post, but I couldn't find it !

  30. Asher Pihem Diber ShavAugust 13, 2014 at 1:13 AM

    I would like to ask the esteemed rabbi to write a post explaining the shita of the Rambam "kofin legaresh shelo yihyu Bnos Yisroel Hefker" What does the Rambam mean ? What does Hefker mean ? Is there Kfiyah bezman hazeh where the Halacha is Kofin legaresh? Should we be Kofin if the man refuses Onah ? Is there a reason to be machmir like shitas harambam ? Why in israel are they allowed to jail husbands who don't give gittin ? Why is that not meusah ? Please educate us!

  31. APDS: This website is replete with answers to all your questions. It has been discussed here extensively. And there are many many posts on this site answering all your above questions.

    Google is your friend. Search this website.

    P.S. Even Rambam agrees kofin is not allowed every time a wife wants a Get. It isn't even allowed most times if the husband is supposed to give a Get and doesn't.

  32. That's OK. It's buried as a reply to Guy who was replying to one of the first comments by Asher Pihem 3 days ago. You were one of the people who replied. It's not important now. What's important is that I made myself more direct and clear over here - so my main intention is clarified - in case I become a regular poster here.

    I hope I can pull myself away for the future, because I have a feeling I'm accepting lashon horah without a toeles at this point. This all really is not my business after all, and I can't help the situation. The web has enabled me to read way more information about other people than I can honestly say had any purpose for me....

  33. Verification of AddressAugust 13, 2014 at 2:19 PM

    Thanks. Hashem yaazor that we should be able do the right thing and be able to help other unfortunate yidden that can really use our help.

  34. Verification of AddressAugust 14, 2014 at 4:58 AM

    Just thinking.....................................
    We understand your point very well !


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