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Schlesinger Twins: Is Dr. Schlesinger concerned about the welfare of his kids?

Dear All,                                                                                 May 11, 2012

As you know Mr Schlesinger cancelled my visit on Thursday because the children had a dentist appointment. I asked for a substitute visit to take place this Sunday. The visiting centre wrote me an email today lo inform me that Mr Schlesinger has refused a substitute visit this Sunday or at any other time.

The woman in charge informed me that Benji had an operation on his teeth but did not have any removed. She wrote that he developed a fever last night and there is no way he will be well enough to see me, his mother, on Sunday. No mention was made of Sammy's welfare but I have been denied access to him too.

lt is horrific that I had to be informed by a total stranger - after the event - that my child had an operation (the same thing happened when Sammy's 4 teeth were removed). I have no idea what Benji's operation was for. Not only did Mr Schlesinger not think it appropriate to inform me, as the child's mother about such a major incident in his life, but he has denied this poor young boy, not yet 3 years old, access to his mother during and after such a traumatic event.

When the children lived with me and I had to take them to hospital when they were ill, [ immediately called Mr Schlesinger to tell him and said that, as their father, of course he could come to the hospital to see them, which he did.

Just before Pesach this year, I went in desperation to the Child Welfare Agency in Vienna to beg them to help. The head of the Agency agreed that this situation is intolerable for the children and said we must both go Lo mediation to find a way of communicating with one another for the sake of the children. 1 immediately accepted this offer as I was willing to try everything possible to improve the situation.

I have already attempted communication with the children's father many times via email, and text messages but he just ignores me. When the children lived with met even suggested that we take them to the park together but he refused.

The head of the Agency made separate appointments for each of us with an independent mediator, under a free service offered by the government. I kept my appointment but Mr Schlesinger did not, even though he had agreed with her in a telephone conversation that he would attend. He sent a letter to the Agency to say that he had changed his mind as he did not consider the mediator to be 'qualified enough.' He suggested his own private mediator, which was a family run business of mediators/ lawyers and there would be significant costs involved.

The qualifications of his proposed mediator did not appear to be any better than the mediator I went to who has had over 20 years experience in family counselling and has a well respected position working for the State.

Shabbat Shalom and best wishes,

Beth Schlesinger


  1. Why is Dr Schlesinger being so hostile to the mother of his children. Why are is she not allowed to be informed and be present when major and
    unusual events such as extraction of
    four milk teeth at the age of three and other teeth subsequently from the her
    other child. Why did she have the horror of seeing her sons without their teeth. Surely her shock of seeing her sons with missing teeth must have impacted on the boys. Where is the sense?. Why should these children
    be brought up without the love and care from a perfectly capable mother?
    Am I missing something?

  2. What else can be done to help this woman?

  3. Yet still no word from any Chabad Rabbi!!!

  4. Dear Beth,

    I think you acted rather unwisely when you went to your ex's appartment to see the children and made scenes there, as you wrote in your previous posts. Therefore, it is understandable that your ex radically refuses to have direct contact with you.

    I understand your pain, I understand that you are in difficult situation, but you also contributed to it.

    I do not know you, nor your ex, nor his family, nor your children personnally. All my information comes from what you yourself wrote.

  5. This is from 2002 - why post it now?

    1. Actually from 2012, I think you'll find.

    2. It's good to recycle ancient posts to rev up and generate attention.

    3. Who was this letter sent to at the time? What were the replies (if any) to this letter from those who received it?

  6. Avi Noffers where is the reasoning for the Courts decision? . We have
    repeatedly asked, but have been ignored. As there is no reasoning
    being presented, it must mean that
    theere is no basis for the decision,
    which deems it unjust!

    1. Get your own copy from the Austrian Court System. No one here is your messenger boy. Then you can read the reasoned decision.

  7. The court will probably not release such a document to a stranger. However, if there is gpod reason for the decision, Dr Schlesinger should have no objection to publishing it.
    If not, then we have reason to believe there has been fowl play!

    1. Beth, as a party to the case, received the court decision. Why is she afraid of distributing and publishing her copy of the court decision against her? The court decision was given to her as she was one of the two parties to the case. Were the facts do damning against her that she fears its public release?


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