Friday, March 14, 2014

Schlesinger twins: Documentation of Dr. Schlesinger canceling a visit

A number of Dr. Schlesinger's supporters have denied that he has canceled Beth's visits with her children and have demanded documentary evidence. Here is an email from the latest cancellation.


From: Christine Schlotter
Date: 2014-03-09 19:08 GMT+01:00
Subject: AW: Besuchscafe Aneli mj. schlesinger
To: Beth Alexander

Sehr geehrte Frau Schlesinger,
ich bin nicht sicher, ob ich Ihnen schon gesagt habe:
Herr Schlesinger kann die Kinder am 16.3.2014 nicht bringen.
Nächster Termin ist 23.3.2014 9:00 Uhr.
Mit freundlichen Grüßen
Christine Schlotter

Dear Mrs Schlesinger,
I an not sure if I already told you:
Mr Schlesinger cannot bring the children on 16. 3.2014.
The next appointment is 23.3.2014 at 9am,
Kind Regards,
Christine Schlotter


  1. 1. Who is Christine Schlotter and how is she relevant to this case?

    2. How do we know this purported email is not a forgery typed up by a Beth supporter?

  2. Many of the questions against Beth's version of the situation have now proven to show Beth is correct whereas many of the anonymous commentators posting their own allegations including questioning whether Mr Schlesinger attempted to put Beth in a mental hospital have been proven false. It is now your turn to back up your claims as no one believes anything you say anymore. Your chazokoh is one of sheker.

    ....and yes, you should also probably have a psychological assessment.

    1. Anonymous poser "lol", an anonymous Beth supporter, has been proven to be incorrect.

    2. Why am I incorrect? What are you talking about???

  3. Does Dr Schlesinger plan to be sick on Sunday? If he's going to catch something ghastly that day (flu? It's going around but surely a dr would have been shrewd enough to get immunized against it), why can't Beth have the children? This man is beyond the pale. I'd say the court cases are not over - there are plenty more reasons to get Dr Schlesinger back there, to be examined by a neutral psychologist and to answer for his disobedience. Can someone tell me why Judge Susanne Göttlicher wants to have him back in her court?

  4. I can't see how anyone could want him including his children? His behaviour is not that of a reasonable human being! We have established that Beth
    has a clean bill of health and always
    had. What other reason is their for Beth not to have the custody of her children or to see them at will? Now it is
    Michael's / Bubbe's turn to show the
    evidence. Where is the court's
    reasoning for their decision? Please show us!


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