Sunday, March 2, 2014

Mass Hareidi Rally ‘Like a Purim Play’

Arutz 7   Finance Minister Yair Lapid, whose Yesh Atid party is pushing for hareidi men to be required to enlist in the IDF, “is the best thing that has ever happened to the hareidi community,” MK Moshe Feiglin (Likud) declared Sunday in a post to his Facebook page.

Feiglin has previously criticized Lapid over his insistence that hareidi men join the army. He clarified that he still believes Lapid is wrong.

“As I wrote here before, [hareidi MK] Yisrael Eichler did more for Israel’s security than Yair Lapid… Some other time, I’ll prove that Yisrael Eichler is better for Israel’s economy than Yair Lapid, too,” he wrote.

“But still, Yair Lapid is the best thing that has happened to the hareidi community,” he wrote.
“Because even though the whole story of ‘equal burden of service’ is the spin of the century, Lapid is right about one very important thing. The hareidi way of life in Israel must change,” he declared.

Specifically, he continued, the lifestyle which sees many hareidi men study Torah full-time for many years. “There’s no such thing as everyone being able to learn Torah all day, just because you put them in black clothes,” he argued. “80-90% of people cannot sit and learn all day.”

“That means that if you force them to sit there, their potential is wasted, and they rot,” he warned. [...]

Hareidi protest a ‘Purim shpiel’
Feiglin also spoke about the major hareidi protest planned for Sunday. The protest just emphasizes how “everyone involved is saying and doing the opposite of what they really think,” he said.

“The last thing that Lapid wants is for hareidi men to flood the army. But the system of ‘screw them over’ and win votes is working wonderfully for him,” he charged.

“The last thing the army wants is the hareidi community – the military is already carrying the weight of the roughly 50% of soldiers who aren’t needed,” he argued. “More enlisted soldiers, with special needs regarding kosher food and gender segregation – who needs it? But the Chief of Staff will never say that publicly.”[...]

“Just like a real Purim ball,” he wrote. “Each person arrives with a mask that is the inverse of reality.”


  1. Can someone explain to me how Chareidim sitting and learning protects the State of Israel but can't prevent them from getting draft so they have to go out and protest?

  2. Feiglin gives a very good vort, and his idea explains Ironheart's question too.
    If they could protest every day, instead of learning,t hey would be much happier. They might even ask for funding for their protesting, as they would convince many that if they do not protest on a daily basis, then the world would cease to exist. It is Nittel but for every day of the year.

  3. Recipients and PublicityMarch 2, 2014 at 4:26 PM

    "Yair Lapid...'is the best thing that has ever happened to the hareidi community,” MK Moshe Feiglin (Likud) declared' "

    Feiglin is just stating the obvious truth that has already been stated on this blog. See these related posts:

    *' Thank you ' Yair Lapid and Yesh Atid !: You Have Paradoxically United the Charedi Torah World Like Never Before In Recent Memory ! [by RaP] (June 3, 2013)

    *Thank You Again Yair Lapid for Helping Orthodox Judaism in Israel by RaP (July 28, 2013)

    1. RAP - actually I was thinking of those posts when I read Feiglin's statements. Well done. But it is not enough for an external crisis in order for there to be temporary and limited unity. That is just a veneer to paper up the cracks.

  4. "“The last thing the army wants is the hareidi community – the military is already carrying the weight of the roughly 50% of soldiers who aren’t needed,”

    :חזון איש, הלכות עירובין, ליקוטים סי׳ ו, אות ג

    נראה דהא דתנן דבמלחמת מצוה אפי׳ חתן מחדרו לא איירי כזמן שצריכין לעזרתם לנצחון המלחמה דזה פשיטא דבשכיל פיקוח נפש והצלת העם כולם חייבין, אלא אפי׳ בזמן שאין צורך אלא למספר מסוים [וכן היו רוב מלחמותיהם שלא היה מקום לחיל הצבא הלוחמים אלא למספר מסוים] היה רשות ליקח חתן מחדרו, שאין להחוזרים שום זכות במלחמת מצוה, וכן במלחמת רשות, אינן פטורין אלא בזמן שאין נצחון ישראל תלוי בהם שמספר הצבא שצורך בהן יש בלעדן, אבל אם יש צורך בהן חייבין לבוא לעזרת אחיהם, וגם שב הדבר למלחמת מצוה, אבל זה דוקא בשכבר נכנסו למלחמה, אבל מתחלה אין נכנסין למלחמת רשות אם אי אפשר להלחם בלעדי החוזרין, ולאחר שנכנסו למלחמת רשות בחיל מסוים אם ראו שצריכים להוסיף חילים אין לוקחים את אלה שנצטוינו עליהם להחזירם בזמן שיש המספר הדרוש בלעדם ואפ״ג דהשתא הם עולים עלינו ואילו מתחלה עלו אויבינו עלינו היתה נחשבת כמלחמת מצוה. מ״מ כיון שנכנסנו למלחמת רשות מתחלה יש להחוזרים זכותם, כל זמן שאפשר להלחם ע״י אחרים, אבל אם יש צורך בהן לנצחון
    (המלחמה אפי׳ חתן מחדרו יוצא אף שנכנסו מתחלה למלחמת רשות. (ע״ז סי׳ כ״ג

  5. Pursuit of HonestyMarch 4, 2014 at 7:03 AM

    "A purim play" - clearly Lapid fits the Haman part of it...


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