Sunday, March 23, 2014

Today’s Girls Love Pink Bows as Playthings, but These Shoot

NY Times    Once upon a time, Grace Maher twirled around the house in Disney princess costumes, a vision of sequins, tiaras and pink.

She’s 8 now and done with all that. The only pink left is her new bow and arrow.

That would be her Nerf Rebelle Heartbreaker Exclusive Golden Edge Bow by Hasbro, a petunia-colored weapon with gold and white trim that shoots colorful foam darts. Forget Ariel, the beautiful mermaid princess. Grace’s new role model is Katniss Everdeen, the (also beautiful) huntress/survivor in the “Hunger Games” trilogy of books and movies.

Heroines for young girls are rapidly changing, and the toy industry — long adept at capitalizing on gender stereotypes — is scrambling to catch up.

Toy makers have begun marketing a more aggressive line of playthings and weaponry for girls — inspired by a succession of female warrior heroes like Katniss, the Black Widow of “The Avengers,” Merida of “Brave” and now, Tris of the book and new movie “Divergent” — even as the industry still clings to every shade of pink. [...]

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  1. These things go through arches. When Dora The Explorer came out it was praised for portraying the female lead as a tomboy, encouraging girls not to be all princess-y.
    Then Princess Dora stuff started coming out.
    The same happened to Mulan, the Disney heroine who tried to disguise herself as a boy in her movie but is now a rank and file Disney princess.
    Katniss may have started as a kick-ass girl but lately she's been Rosalyn Rosenfeld. V'mayvin yavin


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