Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Moroccan royal pardon of pedophile causes violent demonstration

Times of Israel Update Aug 6, 2013   Daniel Galvan Vina, convicted of raping 11 children, picked up after bureaucratic mix-up saw him get nearly a week of freedom

aljazeera.    A demonstration ended in bloodshed and violence on Friday in Morocco when hundreds of protesters gathered outside the parliament in Rabat in a show of outrage over the royal pardoning of a convicted pedophile.

"The police hit everyone really hard. It was really violent," said Houda Chaloun, 32, from Casablanca who was at the demonstration. "I have never seen in the past two years such a violent repression of any kind of gathering," she said in a phone interview.

Last Tuesday, 18 months after his sentencing, 63-year-old Daniel Galvan was pardoned by Moroccan King Mohammed VI. Galvan is one of 48 Spanish prisoners, who were released from custody as a courtesy gesture following the visit of Spanish monarch King Juan Carlos.

According to reports, protests were violently dispersed in several cities in Morocco on Friday evening.

The conviction of Galvan was the result of an unprecedented court decision, validated by Morocco’s Supreme Court: the man accused of abusing 11 children was sentenced to 30 years in prison in a country where sentences against pedophiles have often been minimal.

"The pardon threw away one of the most important court decisions in the history of Morocco," Hamid Krayri, the victim’s lawyer told Al Jazeera. "This man took advantage of vulnerable, poor children and it was the first time a pedophile got such a harsh sentence in Morocco." [...]


  1. Even the backward Muslims are more advanced on this issue than us chareidim,why haven't we had violent demostrations in front of all the
    ra-bbonim and roshey hayeshivas who have covered up and protected hundreds of pedophiles for the last 50 years?.
    why have we stood by and watched how this great talmid chacham in Lakewood was run out of town by that criminal establishment,just because he wanted to protect other children from that evil pedophile who subsequently admitted that he was guilty for abusing this man's son,
    shouldn't we have violent demonstrations in front of the house of every one of those ra-bbonin who were responsible for this,and who did not have the decency to at least apologize to this talmid chacham and his family

  2. Well at least he wasn't a Rosh Yeshiva!

  3. According to the Rambam:

    the Ishmaelites today, all of them, women and children, have ceased to believe in idolatry and their mistake is . . . in other things . . . however in attributing Oneness to God—they have no mistake at all."

    (Responsa #448).

    (See also Mishneh Torah, Hilchot Avodat Kochavim chapter 8;S.A., YD 146:5;Rama Responsa Melamed Le'hoil, part 2:55;Responsa Ateret Paz (part 1, vol. 2, Yoreh De'ah 7) which quotes the Ritva (commenting on Talmud Avodah Zarah h 64b) "the Ishmaelites do not worship idolatry, they cannot abolish it." And there are many more).

    Islamic law (Sharia) is based upon Jewish law and there are very few (ritual) differences between the two.

    To state the Muslims are "backward" would be to infer that Jews are also backward.

    That being said, the King of Morocco who is a great friend to the Jewish people has retracted his pardon because he was not aware of the circumstances of this case. The perpetrator has been arrested in Spain.


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