Thursday, August 8, 2013

Anthony Weiner Meets with the Orthodox Jewish Media

Five Towns Jewish Times  Early Thursday morning, embattled mayoral candidate Anthony Weiner, met with representatives of the orthodox Jewish media in the home of Gedaliah Weinberger.

Although Mr. Weinberger was careful to point out that the meeting was not an endorsement, he did go on in detail about a number of times when Mr. Weiner went to bat for the Jewish community.  Reading from an amicus brief prepared by the Becket Fund, Mr. Weinberger demonstrated that there are numerous areas where religious Jews are experiencing discrimination – even in New York City.

Rabbi Pesach Lerner, sitting in the audience, pointed out that of all the representatives and senators in government, it was Anthony Weiner who was first to go to bat for Jonathan Pollard.
Mr. Weiner then spoke and raised a number of new ideas that he has to improve the lot of New Yorkers.  He then opened up the floor to questions from the orthodox Jewish media. [...]

Larry Gordon, publisher of the Five Towns Jewish Times, asked Mr. Weiner, “What would you do when you are mayor and your New York City school chancellor is caught doing the same things that you had done?”

Mr. Weiner answered that he would investigate whether it would in any way effect the chilcren or how he performed at his job and decide based solely on that criterion.

In the entire meeting, Mr. Weiner was well-prepared on the issues, was poised and answered questions directed at him with finesse and assurance. [...]

The sense that everyone in attendance got after the meeting was that Anthony Weiner is clearly not out of the race, and just might win.


  1. What a joy to know that some of us lights unto the nations might vote for, endorse or fund this dirtbag. We're not put here to use "what's in it for me?" as the guiding principle.

    I guess our public image doesn't matter, either.

  2. So nice to know this sexual exhibitionist and shamer of the Jewish people answered questions put to him with finesse and assurance. I take it the Orthodox press didn't ask him about his lovely Saudi Muslim wife. So that's alright then!

  3. Given his proclivity for photographing the part of the body his last name corresponds to we should be glad he isn't Anthony Tushy.

  4. Support for this politician is likely to make us look bad. I advise against it.


  5. If I lived in NY, I would vote against Weiner in part BECAUSE he is Jewish. However much he has in the way of brains, his displayed morals and judgment are worse than questionable. He's probably bad for NY, and definitely bad for the Jews.

  6. What a chillul Hashem that Orthodox Jews would host the Al Qaeda Bride and play into his (and his wife's and the clinton family's) mythical narrative that Weiner may still win the race. The Jewish media makes me sick. They are in some way worse than Weiner.

  7. For all those living outside NY - the alternative is Christine Quinn a lesbian who married a woman, who is anti- frum..

  8. There are also other Democratic candidates, some polling higher than Weiner. Also Republicans, unfortunately none with the popular recognition of a Giuliani.

    I think it would be deadly to identify frum opportunists with Weiner.

  9. Meanwhile, yesterday Weiner mocked a British reporter, saying he couldn't take her seriously (!) and then proceeded to mock her, delivering a faux weather report in an insulting British accent whilst exhorting people to keep a stiff (he then stumbled) upper lip.
    He attacked his female staff, complaining to them within earshot of all that the organisation was "no good, the way you have this organised. “This is N.G. -- not great. etc etc etc”
    He told another reporter to "get a hobby", assuming the reporter was following his campaign as a lark rather than as part of his job.
    He then blamed more people for his mistake in knocking on the same people's doors, leading one exasperated resident to complain through her closed door- “I already said I didn’t want to meet you; please stop knocking on my door!”
    If this is how he conducts his campaigns, imagine how he'd conduct his professional conduct as controller of the US's biggest metropolis!


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