Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Drastic cuts on yeshiva stipends starting this month

JPost   Haredi politicians and media have reacted furiously to deep cuts to stipends received by yeshiva students which are due to take effect this month.

In 2012, full-time married yeshiva students received NIS 900 a month, while single students received 500 shekels a month in government stipends, while in 2013, the stipends were reduced to NIS 720 for married students and NIS 400 for single students.

As of this month, married students will now receive just NIS 279 while single students will get NIS 139, the Association of Yeshivot has said.

Although the cuts were expected, a source in United Torah Judaism said that the reduction was expected to be not more than 50 percent. [...]

Eichler continued, taunting Bayit Yehudi for being part of a government that released “100 murderers with blood on their hands and [acquiesced] to advanced talks for the establishment of a Palestinian state on the ruins of their own homes,” two sensitive topics for the national-religious party and its voters.

“With the breaking of these commitments, the Bayit Yehudi people have become the dirt rags of Lapid and Bibi,” Eichler said.

“They’re using you like a ‘use and discard’ product. Today they’re using you to burn the sanctuaries of Torah and tomorrow your ‘brothers’ will chuck you from your houses in the settlements, as they are accustomed to, but ‘sensitively.’” A spokesman for Bayit Yehudi said in response to Eichler’s comments, “It is better to deal with matters one wishes to resolve with sensitivity and responsibility, and not with hasty statements to the media, and we hope that MK Eichler also understand this.”[...]

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