Monday, August 26, 2013

MK Dov Lipman interviewed by Rabbi Yair Hoffman

Five Towns Jewish Times   Recently, MK Dov Lipman gave an interview with Arutz Sheva after a “peace talk meeting” sponsored by the Geneva Initiative. He said that some of the Arabs he had spoken to who had themselves served time in Israeli jails. They said that they had had conversations with their jailers and grew to better understand the Israeli side. “I am not saying that they turned into saints, but something happened to them.” MK Lipman agreed to answer further questions about his thoughts for the Five Towns Jewish Times with Rabbi Yair Hoffman.

YH: The first question is: Did the interview you gave Arutz Sheva truly reflect your thinking here that you think most of the prisoners did change significantly by their incarceration? Do you really think that there is a sort of charata here? What percentage roughly do you think are really changed? Most of us believe, au contraire, that they become more entrenched in their thinking and justify even further what they have done. This is particularly the case when they are given a hero’s welcome..

DL: I never said most of the prisoners change I said there are prisoners who change. It is not a question of charata – they now understand our side better and truly seek peace. What people who have not sat with former prisoners believe is irrelevant to me. I also thought so until I met them and spent three days with them. People who have not met them can think what they want but it is based on speculation and not based on facts on the ground.

YH:Speaking with people who have innocent blood on their hands and are not remorseful about it but profess a desire for genuine peace – shouldn’t this be a non-starter? The current Germany was built by dealing with non-Nazis such as Adenauer and the like – not non-repentant Nazis.. If you are not remorseful about the idea of killing innocents, how can we be partners in peace? Isn’t it just, at best, a temporary solution – and, therefore not in Israel’s best interests? [...]


  1. Lipman is a silly guy. It probably wasn't hard for the Palestinian prisoners to pull the wool over his eyes.

  2. This doesn't so much sound like an interview as it does a lecture where Rav Lipman is allowed to interject once in a while.
    Methinks that getting an Arab to think "Well I guess we're not going to eventually wipe them off the map" even if there is no genuine regret is a step forward.
    By the way, lots of ex-Nazis helped rebuild post-war Germany.

  3. So sickening how this guy justifies and excuses the oslo suicide policies of his boss and the PM. He is desperately trying to explain it all away and make us accept it. We will never accept the strengthening of our enemies, and Lipman's precious political career will be destroyed by this nonsense. He would be wise to change his tune or else he better start thinking about a new career.


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