Thursday, August 22, 2013

Camp Jihad: UN camps teaching hatred for Israel

Fox News   Palestinian children as young as 5 are being taught to hate Jews, glorify martyrs and support jihad, and a U.S.-funded United Nations agency is helping to underwrite the effort, according to a controversial new documentary.

The United Nations Relief and Works Agency hosts summer camps in which Palestinian children are allegedly being indoctrinated, in scenes captured in “Camp Jihad: Inside UNRWA Summer Camp Season 2013.” In addition to learning hateful phrases, the children are taught that Israel belongs to them by birthright, according to the film by the Center for Near East Policy Research.

“The children learn the names of many villages – not just the names of big cities like Jerusalem” says Amina Hinawi, identified in the documentary as a UNRWA camp director in Gaza. “This way every child will be motivated to return to their village. UNRWA finances this summer camp. I’m very, very appreciative of UNRWA because the children of Palestine and Gaza need this.”

Indoctrination of young Palestinian children is nothing new, but the documentary has raised the ire of Israelis largely because of the UN role. According to UNRWA’s own website, the United States is the single-largest contributor to its work and in 2012 gave more than $232 million, ahead of the European Commission ($204 million), and the United Kingdom ($68 million).


  1. This is sadly nothing new. The UN volunteers have always been mainly Christian missionaries whose goal is to ignite the War of Armageddan in the Middle East which they believe leads to the majority of world Jewry perishing and the tattered remnant declaring Jesus as Lord.

    1. The teachers of islamic Jew-hatred in Jihad camps are not xtian missionaries. They are Muslim jihadis. Nice try, though.

  2. unfortunately a lot of our own yeshivas,and not only the Satmar and neturai karta ones but also some of the mainstream ones,teach and indoctrinate their students into a irrational hatred towards zionism and medinas yisroel,so why be surprised if our arab enemies to the same ?


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