Saturday, March 2, 2013

Family of judge suspected of child abuse says accusations a lie

YNet    The family of the judge accused of alleged child abuse commented on the allegations for the first time Saturday, saying that the accusations were "a lie."

In a statement released by the family's media advisor, they said: "We were shocked to see and hear that someone has pronounced the judge's verdict without having a shred of information on the case and while leaning on warped, harmful and inaccurate information."  

They stressed that the judge was never ordered to undergo counseling or treatment for violence, that Social Services never visited his home and that he sought counseling on his own accord.

The judge's media advisor claimed in his statement that "His children are presently supporting him and want what is best for him," and that since the children have been under joint custody, "They have never refused to visit their father's home. The opposite is true. The children want and asked to go to their father's home even more than what was stipulated as the visitation hours, and so it was."

Last week and nearly three years after the complaint in the matter was filed,  Attorney General Yehuda Weinstein ruled that the police investigate the suspected judge. The decision was made following a long delay and solely as a result of public criticism. [...]

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  1. In the United States children can get away with everything.There is total impunity and adults can have their lives destroyed.False allegations are troublesome for the child victims who bring true accusations.I knew a young man from Colombia who faced decades behind bars because his twelve year old cousin made up lies about him.She changed her story when there was no medical evidence.She confessed that she had lied at her Pentacostal Church.
    And the charges still weren't dropped.In the end he was only ordered to go to anger management classes.But his life was turned upside down.He went months without sleep and his mom spent maybe 10,000 dollars for the lawyer.These people are very poor.Nothing at all happened to the girl.These are the minority of the cases but we must be concerned and investigate instead of jumping to conclusions based on accusations.


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