Thursday, March 7, 2013

Todros Grynhaus - alleged sex offender - arrested in Israel after fleeing England

Jewish Chronicle   An international hunt has ended for a suspected British sex offender who fled to Israel to avoid trial for alleged crimes against children, when the man was arrested in Jerusalem after two weeks on the run.

Todros Grynhaus, from Salford, is thought to have escaped from the UK on false documents after being arrested and charged with historic sexual and indecent assault against three minors.

He was given strict bail conditions by the UK courts to surrender his passport and was forbidden to travel abroad, but Israeli police confirmed the 48-year-old was apprehended by its officers last Thursday (February 28)).


  1. So here's my dumb thought of the day:
    1) Nowadays it's well known that frum historians and authors whitewash and revise Jewish history at will to avoid publicizing anything that disturbs the pristine image they want to display.
    2) Nowadays we seem to get a story about another frum crook/jerk/rapist etc every week if not more often.
    So were we, as a nation, always this bad? Is that maybe a source of historical Jew hatred?

    1. It isn't that we are so bad - there are many more stories about goyim that I don't print. But there is a psychological distortion of that which is upper most in your mind tends to be viewed as most important. So if primarily read Jewish blogs and you see the problems or are bothered primarily by Jewish crime - then it is easy to focus on that. Or an anti-semite selectively remember all the sins of the Jews - then you will see them as the major problem.

      this bias as the result of the information being more readily availble in memory is fully discussed in

      Thinking Fast and Slow

    2. I appreciate your point but here's my counterpoint: most of the histories of our suffering portray us as innocent victims of Jew hatred. The narrative always seems to be that we were good citizens of the country we lived in and then those slavering Jew haters turned on us and killed/exiled/destroyed us for no other reason than that we were Jewish.
      And I wonder: is that all, or it is because we were Jewish, which already gave them a reason to see us as "the other" but then we were also pedophiles, thieves, corrupt manipulators, etc. which gave them all the excuse they needed?

  2. There is no whitewash. There are always bad people in every generation. Think of the Sabbateans and Frankists who degraded themselves into the sewer. We did not hide that.

    For all the child rapists that have been uncovered in our communities, they probably don't add up cumulatively to the damage done by one British celebrity named Jimmy Savile over decades in the public eye. Our dreck are rank amateurs next to the likes of him and his cohort.

    The real issue is that we are supposed to be an AM KADOSH. When the goyim do this it is disgusting but unsurprising that they have these vermin living among them. But for us, this is genai laMokom and genai labriyos. So it is imperative that we uproot the bad weeds. The internet has allowed people to network in order to shine a light on these creeps. But it also makes it look like a few cases are a wildfire.

    1. The past cannot possibly have been utterly pristine, because Yidden are in golus for their aveiros, and so as long as we're in golus, it means that we haven't yet rectified those aveiros.

      Re antisemitism, Torah says that "Esav sonei lYaakov" and "Sinai--sheyardah sinah l'umos ha'olam," so our aveiros aren't the cause of antisemitism, although they may exacerbate it.


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