Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Hi tech CEO pedophile convicted of sexual offenses on children

YNet    The Lod District Court approved a plea agreement Wednesday morning with the 42-year-old CEO of a high tech company from the Sharon area who admitted to committing sexual offenses on young girls. The man made the admissions within the framework of the plea agreement in which he pled guilty to 29 counts. Four counts which appeared in the original charges were erased. 

The man was convicted of indecent acts on a minor, encouraging indecent acts on a minor, sexual harassment of a minor, immoral advertisement, encouraging an act of sodomy on a minor, blackmail with threats, and more. [...]

He succeeded in entrapping young boys and girls on the web, encouraging them to commit rape, sodomy and other indecent acts upon themselves. Using Skype, Messenger, ICQ and Oovoo, after girls would accept his connection request, he would encourage them to perform sexual acts, taking advantage of their young age, curiosity and naivety. [...]

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