Sunday, January 9, 2011

Rabbinic delegation visit prisoner serving 25 years for incestual rape


This past Tuesday, January 4, Rabbi Moshe Green, rosh yeshiva of the Yeshivah D’Monsey, in Monsey, NY, visiting Richmond, Virginia, to be mechazeik Jewish inmates there.

Rav Green rarely leaves Monsey, or NY at all, particularly since he has suffered two strokes and uses a wheelchair.Rav Green was accompanied by his son, Rav Avrohom Green, and his grandson, R’ Yaakov Flohr. They were driven by car from Monsey to Baltimore, MD, where they slept for a few hours, and continued in the pre-dawn hours to Virginia, where they participated in the daily 7:15 am Shacharis minyan at the Yeshiva of Virginia in the Near West End of Richmond. [...]

They then continued together to Hopewell, VA, for the main purpose of their visit, which was to give spiritual encouragement to the Jewish inmate community at the Petersburg Federal Prison in Hopewell, VA. Among the inmates is a prominent member of the Monsey community. [...]

The conviction of Yisroel Weingarten NYDaily News


  1. Does this post imply something about the visitors, and other Rabbinical personalities supporting the criminal in question?

  2. a. There is nothing wrong with Rabbis visiting even the worst of the worst in prison.

    b. Aside from that, how do you even know it is Weingarten they visited?

  3. >>There is nothing wrong with Rabbis >>visiting even the worst of the >>worst in prison.

    Even when they still consider him -- despite what he did --
    "A prominent citizen of Monsey"?

  4. one of the comments on the Matzav feature claims there was a letter of support from the Badatz of the Eida HaHaredit.
    Same comment refers to another paper report, that the visit was specifically for the criminal in question.
    Now, let's put it another way: Would they visit a reform shul to mekareiv reform BTs?

    But they see no problem in giving a sort of "ok" to maasei Sdom?

  5. >>But they see no problem in giving >>a sort of "ok" to maasei Sdom?

    I have to mocheh here.

    Anshei Sdom were never accused of attacking even their own children and siblings.

    I am certain that Anshe Sdom would have killed this guy.

  6. I'm sorry but this case is quite different. I am all for ridding our community of abusers, but when you frame an innocent tzaddik like Rabbi Weingarten it makes it more difficult to prosecute actual abusers. There is overwhelming evidence that Rabbi Weingarten in innocent, but the judge would not admit any of it. There should be millions of times more people fighting to free Rabbi Weingarten than there is for Pollard and Rubashkin combined, because he in 100% innocent, but because he is a "frummer" people don't want to help him.

  7. da'as toirah says that if there was no penetration, then there was no aveira.

    can you prove there was penetration? were there 2 kosher eidim that are shomer shabbos and mitzvos?

    man, this is sick stuff.

  8. Don't be such a fool ksil.That's not the reason the hold he's guilrfree.

  9. Sorry,maybe i should type more slowly.It should say ,"they hold he's guiltfree".

  10. it's a 30 year sentence, not 25


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