Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Incredible!!!! Tropper's arrival in Israel - greeted with great honor by rabbis


הקול, קול יעקב • התוועדו עם הרב לאחר תקופה ארוכה, הגיע הרב ליב טרופר לארץ • הוא קיבל חיזוק מגדולי ישראל והתוועד עם עשרות תלמידי ישיבת 'קול יעקב' • דיווח ותמונות

עשרות איש נועדו במוצאי שבת שירה בבית-המדרש בשכונת הבוכרים בירושלים עם מייסד ישיבת 'קול יעקב' במונסי, הרב ליב טרופר מניו-יורק.

קשה להאמין כי כל המשתתפים באירוע, בני תורה ברמ"ח איבריהם, חזרו בתשובה. אחד היה רופא, השני ספורטאי - וכן הלאה. כולם היו רחוקים מתורה ומצוות. עד שהגיעו לישיבת 'קול יעקב', שם ניצת בהם הניצוץ היהודי . 


  1. I'm sickened that Rav Elyashev's grandson was there. How could he? Does he have approval from his zayde? Rav Elyashev told R' Nosson Kaminetzky that since he does not have ruach hakodesh he does not know when people are lying to him. Is Rav Elyashev still listening to Nochum Eisenstein?

  2. HaRav Nochum Eisenstein shlit"a is Maran's personal secretary.

  3. 1. There isn't any notable Rabbonim listed at this event that R. Tropper attended.

    2. R. Tropper wasn't even the focus of this event, but rather one of several speakers.

    3. Why do you care if R. Tropper was given some respect? You want him humiliated for the rest of his life? There is no basis for that.

  4. That's not fair. And just when Tropper wrote such nice things about your book:

  5. בחדרי חרדים Bechadrei Chareidim

    Translation of the report:

    "The Voice is the Voice of Yaakov. Gathering with the Rav. After a long absence, Rabbi Leib Tropper arrived in Israel. He got chizuk (encouragement) from Gedolei Yisroel and met with tens of alumni of Yeshiva 'Kol Yaakov'. Photographer Yosi Pormansky

    By Shmuel Klein.


    [Photo: Rabbi Tropper lectures]

    Tens of people gathered motzei Shabbos Shira in a bais medrash in the Bucharan section Jerusalem with the founder of yeshiva 'Kol Yaakov' Monsey, Rabbi Leib Tropper from New York.

    It's hard to believe that all the participants at the event, bnai Torah in full, are baalei teshuva. One was a doctor, another a sportsman - and so on. All had been far from Torah and mitzvos. Until they got to yeshiva 'Kol Yaakov', where their Jewish spark was ignited.

    Two events brought Rabbi Tropper to visit Israel: He came to visit the fresh grave of his father Rabbi Yehuda Tropper z"l who died about two months ago and upon the completion and publication of the sefer [book] of the 'Taharas Yisroel' with the added commentaries of Rabbi Tropper.

    Rabbi Lipa Yisraelzon, grandson of Rav Elyashiv, affirmed before the students, as one who has accompanied Rabbi Tropper on his Israel trip, on the warm connections he has merited in the homes of Gedolei Yisroel.

    So, on his trip, Rabbi Tropper came to the homes of Gedolei Yisroel. Aside from the Halachic questions that he placed before Gedolei Yisroel, he received their blessings for his holy work.

    At the main lecture Rabbi Tropper conveyed, that he expanded the importance of prayer as preparation for greeting our righteous Moshiach."

  6. "HaRav Nochum Eisenstein shlit"a is Maran's personal secretary."

    Why do you mention that? Was he there? Is he in the pictures?

  7. If rav Weingarten who raped his own daughter receives kavod al achas kama vekama that Tropper deserves kavod. I find it disgusting that some people shook his hand, they should go to the mikva immediatley. I guess it is like shaking the hand of a porn actor.

  8. Are you still sure about R' Eisenstein? There have been rumors for over a year that he is no longer Rav Elyashev's gatekeeper.

  9. Rabbi Eidensohn,

    I have not read your book yet so I am not fully informed. My question to you is, do you believe that the Gedolim and Posekim today and in the past generally see all child molestation (from improper touching to rape) as a terrible aveira? The fact that child molesters are routinely protected, while Hillul Shabbes is protested publically seems to me to imply that poskim and gedolism do not consider child molestation an aveira anywhere as serious as hillul shabbes.


  10. AT said...
    I guess it is like shaking the hand of a porn actor.

    Why "like"?

  11. I guess it is like shaking the hand of a porn actor.

    Not a fair comparison, Porn actors do not pretend to be rabbis, Tropper does

  12. Rabbi Eidensohn, I very much hope that you will respond to my question!

  13. The article (which is obviously a PR piece for Tropper) says that the participants are former Kol Yaakov talmidim. It is another example of the corruption effect of some BT in our community.

    In this case (if the article is to be believed ) it is the BTs who bring Tropper back to the community. It makes one to wonder what did they learn from him. They obviously did not learn torah from him because true torah can not come from a pe tame (impure mouth). So every community who has Kol Yaakov former talmidim in their mist should have kebdeu v'chashdeu attitude and keep a watchful eye over them.

  14. In Tropper's mind he did nothing wrong. He tells his Gedolim that he was unfairly entrapped and they believe him.

    He has his American Gedolim like Harav Aharon Schechter and HaRav Elya Ber Wachfogel still supporting him 100% so as far as he is concerned he doesn't need to worry what the rest of the world thinks about him. The Israeli Gedolim will believe anything he tells them, and he still has ways to get donations to them.

    Even though he was tossed out of his own Yeshiva Kol Yaakov and has nothing to do with it anymore, he looted all the funds before he left, with the help of some of his underlings, and he even won a case about that supposedly.

    Tropper was forced to resign from EJF and then EJF was shut down because of the disgrace he brought on it with the sex for conversion scandal with EJF employee in Dallas, Texas Shannon Orand.

    Tropper has refused to leave Monsey even though he signed on notarized documents, he claims that he is allowed to stay on in Monsey because someone posted the proposed Kol Koreh against him online.

    He does not understand the way the world looks at him as long as he has some of his Gedolim still twisted around his fingers and gets the adoration of his hypnotized alumni who worship him like a cult figure.

  15. So Rabbi Eidensohn, from what you say the reason why rapists and molesters are protected is because they identify as Charedi, offer deference to Gedolim, give them money and "look frum." Is that a fair summary?

    If so, then it seems the primary value of the charedi world (of which I am not a part) is not submission to Hashem, but submission to Gedolim and to the external norms of the community. Is that a fair assessment?


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