Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Gay rights: Exclusion from common law rights


Same-sax couples suffer setback Tuesday: Beersheba Family Court Judge Yeshayahu Tischler ruled that the term "man and wife" will mean only one thing in the eyes of the law - "In my opinion, the only legitimate interoperation for this term is male and female," he said.

The ruling, which was given after a lengthy legal battle over the inheritance of an academic figure that passed away, negated several previous rulings recognizing long-term relationships between same-sex couples as equal to common law marriage, awarding partners the same legal rights. [...]

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  1. 1. if the deceased wrote a will, and left it with the sister, it only indicates he was thinking about it, not an actual decision to give his inheritance.

    2. the deceased was afraid of the attitude of his fellow professors??? at bgu??? hotbed of leftism, and hotbed of "palestinan 'rights'"???

    i highly doubt it!


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