Monday, October 25, 2010

Abuse Book - Sending it to Amazon by Wednesday for printing

There are more twists and dead ends in this journey then in the 5 other books I have published. I decided not to produce an ebook. I discovered that removing copy protection from an ebook is very simple and that there are hundreds of sites on the internet that describe the process.
While I am aware of the issue of DRM and music - I think this would be different because of the subject of the book. I am concerned that it would become viral amongst those who are more concerned with the problem then finding a constructive solution.
Therefore I am left with the path of publishing on demand. I am just finishing editing the last essay which I got yesterday. Then some basic formatting and just need to approve a prototype and that's it. The cover took another reitieration. Hopefully this is the final version. I will be publishing it in two volumes - the essays and the halachic sources in Hebrew and English.


  1. Don't you need the author's name on the cover?

    (To be clear, that was my way of basically saying: You need the author(s) name(s) on the front cover. But yes, it should be full names).

  2. this is good news.October 26, 2010 at 3:20 AM

    I like the final look of the book! it looks professional, the fonts are appropriate and the door fits nicely with the theme. I very much approve (with all due humility of course).

    And I agree that the volume needs yours and Dr. Schulem's full names on the cover.

    Hatzlacha raba!

  3. there is no requirement that the cover has my name on it

  4. Requirement? By whom, the government? There's not really any requirement on you at all, since you are free to design your cover as you like, but what book doesn't have the author's name on the cover?


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