Thursday, October 14, 2010

9th volume of Igros Moshe to be published soon

The Jewish Star

A new volume of the halachic responsa and letters of HaRav Moshe Feinstein zt”l will see the light of day thanks to his grandchildren.

The Belarus-born gadol hador, the greatest Torah leader of his generation, was 91 when he passed away on Ta’anis Esther in 1986. Rav Moshe’s reputation as the foremost posek, halachic decisor, and a beloved leader, radiated from the Lower East Side of Manhattan where he led Mesivta Tiferes Jerusalem for half a century while answering an unending stream of halachic questions from all over the world. Many of his decisions were published in a seven-volume collection of halachic responsa titled “Igros Moshe,” the “Answers of Moshe.” He resolved questions on an almost unimaginable array of subjects, from business and ethical disputes to complex medical issues and matters of life and death. One of Rav Moshe’s most famous opinions, still discussed at length today, permitted consumption of non-cholov yisroel milk, unsupervised during the milking process — though only in the United States.[...]


  1. Wasn't there controversy regarding the authenticity of some of the responsa published in the last volume released posthumously?

  2. reb moishe z'l was not the only one permiting cholov ackum in our times,look up the Chazon Ish,in hilchos maacholes isurim,whereby he rules that BIZMAN HAZE,where we have strict government rules in forbiding to mix in any foreign substance in our milk,there is absolutely no ISSUR.


  3. in my fathers town in slovakia / hungary, they weighed the milk milked by a non jew. if it was within the accepted limits, they knew it was kosher cows milk, otherwise, they sold it to the non jew.

    2. there was controversy over fifth (i think) volume too, since it was published in israel, and overseen by these same grandsons. so in the next volume, rav moshe wrote that he personally saw the galleys, and approved each page in each volume. but people still want to complain.

    3. why is the milk tshuvot the most famous? why not the whiskey tshuvot, where he even allowed it if purposely mixed in with limited amounts of wine, for taste purposes? that would be more controversial, if publicized. (odds are it wouldnt have been a quality product, and wouldnt selll anyway?)

  4. sounds very funny coming from that part of the family i think they could be forgeries

  5. R' Moshe paskened that milk supervised by a responsible government is not chalav stam that can be drunk, but that it qualifies as CHALAV YISRAEL.

  6. Does this mean a new yad moshe?!

  7. The only controversy was with the posthumous edition, afaik.


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