Sunday, June 13, 2010

Mila procedure blamed for infections

Jerusalem Post

The long-time practice by Israeli ritual circumcisers (mohelim) of using gauze for as long as 26 hours to stop penile bleeding is responsible for the significantly higher rate of urinary tract infections (UTIs) within a few weeks of the Jewish ritual.

According to pediatricians and infectious diseases experts at Jerusalem’s Shaare Zedek Hospital, by adopting a different, yet simple medical technique for stanching the bleeding, many UTIs can be prevented. Drs. Ori Toker, Shepard Schwartz, Gershom Segal, Nadia Godovitch, Yechiel Schlesinger and David Raveh published their findings in the May issue of the Israel Medical Association Journal (IMAJ), along with an editorial by Dr. Jacob Amir, a pediatrician at Schneider Children’s Medical Center in Petah Tikva.


  1. > by adopting a different, yet simple medical technique for stanching the bleeding, many UTIs can be prevented.

    How long until someone announces that it's Daas Torah to put the gauze on for 26 hours and anything else invalidates the milah and that these doctors are attempting to destroy the ritual of circumcision as it has been practised since Matan Torah?


    Rep. Peter King, Republican from Long Island, on the "humanitarian" flotilla to Gaza: it's all Obama's fault. "I believe that the Obama administration's foreign policy is responsible for what happened with the flotilla," King tells CBS, referring to the deaths aboard a ship carrying supplies to Gaza. So now King is introducing a resolution to force the president to militarily support Israel's naval blockade of Gaza.

    King’s resolution would authorize the U.S. to provide Israel with necessary weapons and supplies to enforce the Gaza blockade, and would pressure the U.S. to withdraw from the United Nations Human Rights Council. In addition, the resolution will demand that Obama oppose any international effort to investigate Israel for last week’s enforcement of the blockade.

    Appearing on Fox News, King explained why the U.S. shouldn't investigate the Israeli raid that left nine "peace activists" dead:

    Their blockade is entirely justified by international law. And by having this investigation we are setting up a moral equivalency between Israel and Hamas. Israel is under seige. It has had thousands of missiles fired into it from Gaza. This would be as if we allowed the UN to investigate the U.S. when we blockaded Cuba in 1962... As an ally we should be saying this blockade is absolutely right... and no U.S. taxpayer dollar should be used for this investigation.

    When asked why he wants the U.S. off the UN Human Rights Council, King explained, "It is strictly a pro-third world, anti-American council. It's hypocritical, it never condemns what's done against Israel, it only condemns Israel, and by us being on it we're giving it a respectability it doesn't deserve."

  3. The question that inevitably runs through my mind, is this. Once it is determined that there is a better way to staunch the bleeding, how many thousnads of dollars is going to cost for certified mohelim to be retrained?

  4. The Left Wing's response to Peter King is predictable. He is being piled on on the blogs with all kinds of profanities and false accusations that he supports Irish Republican Army terrorism.

  5. bissel sechel,

    Though reluctant to be a party to hijacked threads, I thought I would post what I see as the biggest problem resulting from Obama's statements regarding the flotilla: the enabling of terrorists.

    At this point, Iran says they are sending two ships to help break the blockade. Will there be military hostilities?

    The IHH openly stated that they consider Israel and the UN to be the terrorists, not Hamas.

    Egypt is trying to hold the blockade for their own sake, but are being pressured by fundamentalists both internal and external.

    All, and more, because of Obama.

    The US and Israel both stood for individual freedom and self determination. Obama has chosen not to vilify terrorism or terrorists (like Hamas and IHH) or governments that step all over human rights (like Iran). Instead he sends out teams to find a trillion dollars worth of minerals in Afghanistan, with no way of knowing that their wealth won't be used to join the Jihad.

    Obama has adopted the European flavor of democracy: let all states vote on what to do to secure stability. What happens within those states is of no concern. In fact, repression and stability go hand in hand. Stability has been the call of many a demagogue who has risen to power.

    Look who endorses these terrorists. The latest is Castro. Obama's friends are not democracies.

    If Obama needs to sacrifice our ideals in order to get along with the "global community", even endorse Muslim extremists, he is willing to do so.

    In the process, he is dumping Israel. We need to get him out of the White House before his views are adopted by mainstream Democrats. His way would have to increase repression in the USA in order to keep step with a global community where stability is king.

  6. This is a trivial issue. So the mohelim will have a minor change of techniques.

  7. This is a trivial issue. So the mohelim will have a minor change of techniques.

  8. I would just like to point out that a number of the doctors who were involved are religious:
    1) Dr. Shimmy (Shepard) Schwartz
    2) Dr. Gershom Segal
    3) Dr. Yechiel Schlesinger
    4) Prof. David Raveh (I am unsure about him).

    Dr. Ori Toker is not religious and I do not know Dr. Nadia Godovitch.

  9. Idiots!

    You would not keep a diaper on an infants for 26 hours why would you keep gauze on an infant for 26 hours.


    Paysach Krohn was caught on tape using a clamp that was assered by the gedolim. It possels both the mila and the mohel from doing brissen in the future according to the issur.


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