Wednesday, June 30, 2010

5TJT DA Hynes speaks about Rubashkin case


In a video interview with the Five Towns Jewish Times, Brooklyn District Attorney, Charles Hynes speaks out about the harsh Rubashkin jail sentence.  He also compared some of the differences between federal cases and local cases, explaining why the local system is in many ways superior. [...] 


  1. I can't hear what Hynes is saying but he will say anything to get a heimishe con off the hook because that's how the money flows to him through Boro Park's Ben Barber of the Iggud Harabbonim who is a major Hynes fundraiser.

  2. Hi Rabbi Eidenson, I noticed recently your blog has been getting very little hits!
    I know it must be hard for you. Cant you find someone to smear, just like the good old days? you know you'll get the hits to feed your ego that way! And we all know that you know only one way to get the attention you crave.
    c'mon we know you got it in you!
    Its hard being lonely.
    I'm sure there's some Rav or Rosh yeshiva you can smear with Lashon Horah. And when the comments will come piling in you'll be good as new! I can see you dreaming about it now all starry eyed, dreaming of the good times ahead, when people will remember that you exist.

    PS. no need to post.

  3. Zechor! is either a Tropper groupie or another type of loser / SMALL person.

  4. It would seem to me that this blog reaches a relatively large audience, but for me that's beside the point. I LOVE this blog & love following the comment threads. Wouldn't miss a week.

  5. Hynes is a politician preaching to the Boro Park choir.

  6. Yes, Zechor is a Tropper Zombie, some of them still believe that Tropper is innocent and the only reason he resigned is to bring peace to the world. I kid you not !


    Lakewood's Ralph Zucker is suing Google to find out who spoke about him on R' Yudel Shain's blog.

  8. This next article indicates that since at least 2008, these guys have flown in specifically to shecht & that Seth Mandel has a larger role:

    Andy Kastner, a rabbinical student at New York’s Yeshivat Chovevei Torah, had flown in to act as the shochet.

    Rabbi Seth Mandel, whose day job is supervising kosher slaughter for the Orthodox Union, was on hand to check the lungs & intestines for signs of disease or damage

    Mandel had been to a number of similar field slaughters & said he’s a big fan of alternative kosher meat productions like Kol Foods run by Devora Kimelman-Block out of Silver Spring, Md

    (Her husband is Conservative rabbi Jason Kimmelman-Block and Kol Foods' West Coast division is run by a fellow married to a woman Conservative rabbi)

    Then we gathered around Andy Kastner, the shochet.

    Jim (a goy) held the Turkey. Andy said the blessing, gently extended the animal’s neck & with 2 swift back and forth strokes severed its trachea & main arteries. (Did the goy help Kastner move the bird against the knife?)

    Rabbi Seth Mandel, the Chief Kashrut Supervisor of the Orthodox Union opened up the body cavity. He removed the intestines, checked them for cuts or lesions, then examined a lung for signs of disease. “Fine, healthy animal,” he pronounced. Next the turkey was soaked, salted, then rinsed & placed in a polythene bag that was signed with Rabbi Mandel’s seal of kosher certification.

    June 28, 2010

    This July, Hanau’s (the shochet who admits eating treif) company, Grow & Behold Foods, will launch a line of kosher, pasture-raised chicken; beef is slated to be available shortly thereafter.

    “There has been particular growth within the industry for niche markets like organic & natural beef,” said Rabbi Seth Mandel, a rabbinic coordinator at the OU & adviser to Hanau.

    This chicken is processed at David Elliot under the OU which is alleged to have some serious kashrus problems as outlined here.

  9. Blogger blocked several attempts to post the first installments which I managed to circumvent and has now completely blocked me from posting more.


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