Friday, June 4, 2010

Flotilla Choir presents: We Con the World

hat tip to RaP. Warning there are a few moments of kol isha so just be prepared. All the words are given as subtitles so you can just turn off the sound


  1. R. Eidensohn,

    What is your heter to putting a video on your website with a prtzusdik woman singing?

  2. I notice you added a disclaimer. In addition to Kol Isha the video has an imporperly dressed woman (at least one) that a Jew may not view. That cannot be avoided by turning off the sound.

  3. BT:

    For one thing, women are allowed to watch it. Do you consider women unimportant?

    For another, you can turn off the sound if you hold recorded kol isha is ussur.

    Third, if there is an issur, it is not in posting an embedded link. It would be your watching it (which I don't believe is an issur myself). You better not walk down the street of any US city this summer. Shmutz!

    It is an important video. People are looking for feel-good causes. They will ignore any rational argument that might make them feel morally wrong in hating Jews for the sake of saving Palestinian victims. And once they attend one demonstration against Jews, cognitive dissonance prevents them from intellectually recognizing their mistakes in the face of evidence otherwise.

    Letzuhnuss is a way to crash through that barrier in a small percentage of cases. In other cases, it pushes the hard core to declare their outright hatred of Jews in the comments section of the video. In either case, it at least shows the Jews recapturing the moral high ground.

    Not that it will stop the next war. Already Iran, Qatar, Syria and now Turkey are investing resources into attacking Israel. With Obama showing more and more blatant antisemitism, it's just a matter of time until the missiles start to fly.

  4. "For one thing, women are allowed to watch it."

    Is this a woman's-only website? I didn't think so.

    "Third, if there is an issur, it is not in posting an embedded link."

    Incorrect. Facilitating a crime, is a crime.

  5. Is this a woman's-only website? I didn't think so.

    So don't watch the video yourself. And let the women watch to their hearts' content.

    Incorrect. Facilitating a crime, is a crime.

    No crime involved. The kol isha warning was clear, it's an important video, and there was no porn. You see more on the ads that pop up on most sites. You're just trying to be super holy, but of course at Rabbi E's expense.

  6. Recipients and PublicityJune 7, 2010 at 8:52 AM

    The folks at Der Spiegel in Deutschland yimach shemam also don't like the video, see this report:

    Satiric flotilla clip distributed by GPO (YNet News, Israel news, 06.06.10) (Video) Israel's press office mistakenly sends parody of Gaza aid vessel to journalists worldwide, then apologizes.

    BERLIN – The Government Press Office mistakenly sent a satiric clip making light of the Gaza-bound aid flotilla to foreign reporters, Der Spiegel reported Saturday.

    An apology was quick to follow, along with a clarification that the clip does not represent Israel's official stance.

    A million people have already clicked on 'Flotilla Choir presents: We Con the World' in the two days it has been on the air. It was created by the Latma group, which uploads parody clips onto its website on a regular basis.

    Actors posing as passengers on the flotilla to Gaza sing the song, based on the music of 'We Are the World', written by Michael Jackson and Lionel Richie.

    The clip was sent by the GPO over the weekend to emails belonging to a number of journalists around the world. BNO, Holland's news agency, reported receiving the clip as an official message from Israel.

    But the journalists were not laughing. Der Spiegel's byline says the clip makes light of the flotilla and that sending it was "an embarrassing propaganda mistake".

    But just 20 minutes after the email was sent, another followed saying, "Today we mistakenly sent a link to a video clip we have, which was meant for personal use and not for wider distribution.

    "The film's content is not in any way the official stance of the State of Israel, its press office, or any other official authority," Der Spiegel reported the email as saying.

    Oh, well, one wonders why anyone would take seriously what comes out of the nation that brought us the Holocaust, but the Israeli government is chickening out of the one bright spot here. By the way, there was another edition of the video issued on YouTube with a few more added tweaks: FLOTILLA: We Con the World

    FYI, since its release and posting a mere 3 or 4 days ago, the video has been viewed close to two million times, counting the additional repeat postings. This is striking a chord like no other pro-Israel "statements" by official spokespeople who are just not eloquent. It speaks in the idiom of modern pop-culture "Michael Jackson" mentality that the world understands. Shlomo Hamelech was a chochem because he knew how to talk to all the animals in their own unique languages.

  7. Recipients and PublicityJune 7, 2010 at 9:12 AM

    Here's aversion with modern Hebrew-subtitles: תגובת לאטמה למשט הימי -"עובדים על העולם"

    Here's the full context of the Israeli show it is in, a 9 minute clip with English sub-titles: The Tribal Update 53 - ENG with an "interview" with "Captain Stabbing" (9 minute YouTube video).

    And here's the same one with modern Hebrew sub-titles: מהדורת השבט עם הלהיט "עובדים על העולם" (9 minute YouTube video).

    And this one with modern Hebrew sub-titles has well over 300,000 views already and counting: עובדים על העולם

    A lot better than seeing Neturei Karta nuts and traitors marching with pro-Hamas demonstrators in front of the White House, or anywhere, see Neturei Karta Protest Against IDF Raid (VIN, May 31, 2010): "Jerusalem - Dozens of Neturei Karta members are demonstrating in Jerusalem’s Mea Shearim neighborhood in protest of the IDF raid on the Gaza sail. Neturei Karta is claiming that Israel slaughtered the activists who were on the boats. A Palestinian flag was waved during the protest. Meanwhile, protests continue in Arab communities in northern Israel, however order is being maintained."

    And Neturei Karta Demonstrates Against Israel in Washington (Arutz Sheva, Jun/02/10): "Neturei Karta group, a far right-wing sect of anti-Israel haredi religious Jews, demonstrated against Israel in several cities in the past few days in protest againsts its raid on the Gaza flotilla. Neturei Karta members held demonstrations in front of the White House in Washington, D.C. and in Toronto and Montreal, Canada."

    Choose your druthers.

  8. While we're on the subject, here is a video version of the flotilla comedy routine by the latmaTV group along with a commentary at the end by Chaim ben Pesach on how this activist group would have reacted if in power. Flotilla Choir plus Jewish Task Force commentary

  9. Recipients and PublicityJune 17, 2010 at 4:53 AM

    Well, it's all moot now because the REAL powers that be have declared thusly: "This video is no longer available due to a copyright claim by Warner/ Chappell Music, Inc."

    Yeah, yeah, it was too effective, with about 3 million hits combined in about one week, setting some of record and obviously making a big impact. So some smart alecks got the big wigs to pull it.

    At any rate, this is the kind of of "culturally clued in" (and not clueless) type of "hasbara" that should be coming out of Israel to counter Israel-bashing and antisemitism, and not those Israeli spokespeople who mumble with "zis en det" breaking their teeth on what they imagine is "Eeengleesh" as if they had fat marbles in their mouths.

  10. Recipients and PublicityJune 17, 2010 at 10:03 PM

    As they say, it's not over till the fat lady sings, or in this case, not completely over as long as she sings, because they are still "singing" and getting around YouTube's shallow games -- seems that Caroline Glick, the producer of this video, a brilliant woman in her own right and presumably the famous columnist who writes lengthy columns about Israel affairs published in many papers, including the weekly English Yated NeeMan in the USA, is keeping the issue of this video alive, as she confirms it scored about 3 million views in about one week, an amazing record.

    Here's her post on her website: "YouTube silences Latma, removes We Con the World" (June 12, 2010) and her latest post/article with more links to the video that is still online in some places in spite of YouTube's censorship: "New postings of We Con the World" (June 12, 2010).

    The shows goes on...


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