Friday, June 25, 2010

Hebrew Charter Schools:Success & danger

New York Times

Every so often, Aalim Moody, 5, and his twin sister, Aalima, break into a kind of secret code, chatting in a language their father does not understand.

Walking along Flatbush Avenue in Brooklyn, they make out the lettering on kosher food shops and yeshiva buses, showing off all they learn at the Hebrew Language Academy Charter School in Midwood, where they both attend kindergarten.

Ask Aalim his favorite song and he will happily belt out:

“Eretz Yisrael sheli yaffa v’gam porachat!” — My land of Israel is beautiful and blossoming! — and then he continues in Hebrew:[...]

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  1. Half of the students in US yeshivas are not eligible to marry a Jew in Israel.

    Many of these students go to Church on Christmas and Easter and all of them have Christian relatives who witness to them.

    All of the US yeshivas have Gentile secular studies teachers who witness Christianity to the students.

    At least the Haitians and Black Hebrews in the charter schools don't pretend to be Jewish.

    The curriculum is not ideal but in many cases, it is better that the children learn no hashkafa rather than the "Messiah is coming back from the dead" hashkafa that is being taught by Messianic Lubavitcher limudei kodesh teachers in nearly every yeshiva in America.


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