Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Man sentenced to 9 years for killing alleged abuser

CBS News

(CBS/KPIX) A judge showed no mercy Tuesday in sentencing 32-year old Aaron Vargas to nine years in prison, for murdering the man he claimed sexually molested him as a child.

According to CBS affiliate KPIX, Vargas testified that 63-year-old Darrell McNeill sexually abused him when he was 11 and continued to pursue him into adulthood. Vargas shot McNeill in February 2009 with a Civil War-style pistol and watched him take his last breath while the victim's wife, Elizabeth McNeill, stood nearby.[...]


  1. If you could get away with murdering someone by claiming the guy molested you when you were a child, anarchy would reign supreme.

    Bravo for the Judge.

  2. If it is proven beyond doubt which it seems it was,that this man abused him and many others, the killing was in essence a "self defense" and in defense for all other past and future victims this dead man abused..obviously reporting the abuse to the authorities for so many years by so manyother victims did not help... Aron should be acquitted!He did society a justice where the courts failed to do so.

  3. 9 years for murder. Lucky he didn't cheat on his loan application like Rubashkin was accused of. That's 27 years.

    Of course, which hurts society more? Murderers? Or loan cheats?

    Obviously the banks know and control everything.

  4. Beware what you wish forJune 25, 2010 at 7:53 PM

    I may be all for the killing a rodeif, but since when are revenge & self-defense synonymous?

    Dave is right: The judgement was just, even if the "victim" in this case warranted no mercy, it's not for some pained vigilante to carry out the brutal sentence.

  5. Beware what you wish forJune 25, 2010 at 8:06 PM

    I temper my previous comments somewhat, having listened now to the interview on top of just reading the story. It sounds like there was good grounds for the judge not to hand down the MAXIMUM sentence.

    But, still, could anyone believe that less than five years incarceration is sufficient sentence for a hotblooded murder?

  6. Vigilante justice is not murder--we have the whole parsha of Shimon and Levi killing the whole city of Shechem. The judge should have given him a medal.


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