Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Hadassah Hospital officials harassed


Anonymous callers are continuing to harass the families of senior Hadassah Hospital officials in the case of the three-year-old Jerusalem boy who doctors believe was nearly starved to death by his mother, according to a tape recording of the latest call released Monday.

The harassment, which follows death threats made against Hadassah staff, persisted Sunday night, even though the child was discharged from the hospital earlier in the day.

In the latest telephone harassment, an English-speaking caller, who said that he was calling from the United States, told the sister-in-law of Hadassah Deputy Director-General Dr. Yair Birnbaum at her Haifa residence that Birenbaum was carrying out experiments on the child with chemotherapy.

"You should know that people are disgusted with him and the way he is behaving with Orthodox Jewish people," the caller said in heavy English, according to a tape of the call played on Israel Radio's lunchtime newsreel on Monday.

"He should know that there will be demonstrations in the US, the UK and Australia against Hadassah Hospital," he continued.

The caller, who has phoned the Hadassah family member's residence for four straight nights, went on to justify comparisons between Hadassah officials and the infamous Nazi known as Dr. Mengele who performed medical experiments on inmates.

"He says he feels offended by being called Mengele," the caller said. "Well, he is trying all sorts of experiments on this innocent child...and treated him with chemotherapy." [...]

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