Friday, July 31, 2009

Polish government forces Jews to accept convert

Time Magazine Monday, Mar. 28, 1932

Jewry does not seek converts. It even discourages those few non-Jews who seek to join. Nevertheless, as sometimes happens, Jewry was petitioned in Warsaw by a Roman Catholic named Antoni-Stefan Raczynski. The Warsaw Rabbinate refused the application, was backed by the Minister of Education who cited a Tsarist ukase of 1905 granting religious liberty save to native Christians who wished to adopt non-Christian faiths. But Pan (Mr.) Raczynski appealed his case to the Supreme Administrative Tribunal at Warsaw, which three weeks ago reversed the previous decisions. Let the Rabbinate admit Pan Raczynski. The Tsarist ukase, said the Tribunal, meant "Greek Orthodox" when it said "Christian." Hence any Roman Catholic, Protestant, Buddhist or whatnot might become a Jew if he wished.

Last week The American Jewish World viewed the conversion of Pan Raczynski as a "strange case." It said: "For centuries it was considered [by civil authorities] a crime for Jews to accept a Christian convert. At certain periods in history, it constituted a capital crime. Now we have a decision of a Supreme Tribunal whose members are probably all Catholics, denying to the Rabbinate the legal right to refuse a Catholic conversion to Judaism. Verily, the world does change!"[...]


  1. Link takes you to the wrong place.

  2. I believe that this decision speaks volumes regarding the true mission of a substantial percentage of Christian converts to Judaism and that is to change the Jewish religion into a sect of Christianity and to achieve this goal as an operative within Judaism itself.

    It is notable that none of the Christian clergy who have converted to Judaism have been condemned or excommunicated by their Churches.

    I believe that they are merely forwarding the Churches goals of obliterating Judaism while pretending to be Jews.

    Yad L'achim has also found this to be true.


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