Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Missionaries targeting the elderly


A Holocaust survivor who was suffering from dementia was deceived by those hired to help her, family members said, because they claimed they converted her to their Messianic Christian religion.

The two women who were hired to play music and speak with 94-year-old Sara told her daughter Goldie Maxwell weeks after Sara died that they were both Messianic Jews, that they had played and sung songs from the New Testament when Maxwell and her husband were not around, and that at the end of her life, Sara had a revelation and acknowledged Jesus as the messiah.

They also recorded these statements in a document they gave to Maxwell after Sara's death in March.

"I sensed that they had betrayed me, because I let them into the house on certain assumptions, but even more, the betrayal of my mother and of who she was," Maxwell told The Jerusalem Post on Monday. "They knew who she [Sara] was." [...]

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  1. Missionaries are also being hired as home health care workers through Federation.

    When my grandmother was getting infirm, we asked Federation for a home health aide which she was entitled to under Medicare.

    They sent over a seemingly nice older Hispanic woman whom we later found out was taking our Grandmother to her Church!!

    We knew that Grandmom was becoming demented, so it was a few weeks before we believed it when she told us that the aide was taking her to this "wonderful party" every time she comes.

    My grandmother remembered and told us "that they sing strange songs, about Jesus. And I told them I was Jewish, I don't believe in Jesus"....

    The Federation investigated and found that it was true, that their aide was missionizing the elderly Jews she was caring for. They fired her.

    But she is one of thousands of middle class Hispanic missionaries who are targeting Jewish children and elderly by taking jobs in Jewish institutions and homes.

    The Anti Missionary groups are aware that these women are being recruited through their churches to missionize Jews in this way. But there is little that can be done about it.


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