Thursday, December 4, 2008

Anusim magazine - in Spanish

The following is from a Spanish magazine that deals with Anusim. This is the Google translation.

"Where was thought that there were only ashes which the wind was charged to disperse them, sparking a fire appear thousandth of the Hebrew people, the descendants of Abraham through the Bnei Anusim arise everywhere expressing his desire to return to remain part the ancestral chain. " J.Magazine

"Anusim" (Hebrew: אנוסים), the plural for "anus" means "forced" in Hebrew. Este es el término legal rabínico aplicado a un Judío que ha sido forzado a abandonar el Judaísmo en contra de su voluntad, y quien hace todo lo que está en su poder para continuar practicando el judaísmo bajo la condición de coerción. This is the legal term applied to a Rabbinic Jew who has been forced to abandon Judaism against their will, and who does everything in its power to continue practicing Judaism under the condition of coercion. El término se deriva de aquel en el Talmud , “aberrá be’ones” [TB Abodá Zará 54a]. The term derives from the one in the Talmud, "Aberra be'ones" [TB Abode Zara 54th].

"Certainly, when it comes to the lineage, all the people of Israel are brothers. We are all children of a father, the rebels (reshaim) and the criminals, heretics (meshumadim) and forced (anusim), and proselytes ( guerim) that are attached to the house of Jacob. These are all Israelis. Even if left DS or denied or violated His Law, the yoke of the law is still on his shoulders and will never be removed from them. " R. She‘adyá ben Maimon ibn Danan (16th c.), Khemdah Genuzah , 15b She'adyá ben Maimon ibn Danan (16th c.), Khemdah Genuzah, 15b


  1. Did you think this was a Jewish organization/publication?

    This is just from a quick glance at their calendar. (translation mine-I am NOT a professional translator and I was in a hurry and did not have these proof read for accuracy, but you get the idea, I hope).

    Presentations of the work of Mario Sabán on Jesus.

    In different dates and places around the city, Mario Javier Saban will appear and discuss his work, the "Judaism of Jesus".

    In this book the author postulates that all the ethical lessons of Jesus are totally Jewish and that all of them are contained in the noble traditions of Israel, portraying Jesus as a Jewish rabbi of the First century who never believed he was founding a new religion.

    Thursday Nov 6 in the Reial Acadèmia de Farmàcia de Catalonia (c Hospital, 56), with introduction of P. Francesc Romeu, Dr. Jaume Piulats and the author.

    Sunday Nov 9 - in Christian Center, " The Rock” (Youth, 50-52 - Hospitalet de Llobregat), with an introduction by Alberto Duffo, and the author.

    Tuesday November 18-19 in center of Pastoral Studies, CEP (c Rivadeneyra, 6), with introduction by Pastor Ignasi Ricart, Pastor Jaime Dasquens Solé, Simy Benarroch de Pinto and the author.

    Saturday 22 of November to in the Adventist Church of the Seventh Day of Barcelona (street Urgell 133) with an introduction by Alfredo Villanueva and the author.

    These activities are organized by Tarbut Sefarad and other organizations.

    and on the 26th

    Conference of Abraham Haim in the Coalition. The Judeo-Christian Coalition of Catalonia announces for Wednesday 26 of November, a conference with Abraham Haim, Doctorate in History from the University of Tel Aviv, on “The signs of the Judaism in Don Quixote”.

    All the activities of the Coalition take place in the Faculty of Theology Building of the Univ of Barcelona.

    Course at the Judeo-Christian Training center. The subject of this year's cours is “Jewish and Christian We Read the Bible”, each Wednesdays from 7 to 9 PM in the CEJC

  2. More from the Bnai Anusim (they seem to have studied Christianity nearly every day of last month! )

    Conferences on Jewish roots of Christianity.

    Mario Javier Saban, Doctor in Philosophy and professor of Hebrew Thought will present two conferences.

    First, on “the Jewish roots of Christianity", 6PM Nov 5...

    and then again on November 12 at the same time:

    “Why the Christianity of the Jewish world was divided in the Second Century.

    These activities are organized and sponsored by the Local Council of the Noguera, Catalonia, Spain, the University of Lleida-Institute of Education and other organizations.

    BALAGUER DÍAS 5 y 12. Conferencias sobre raíces judías del cristianismo. En la Sala de Actos del Consell Comarcal de Balaguer (Lleida) impartirá dos conferencias Mario Javier Sabán, doctor en Filosofía y profesor de Pensamiento Hebreo. La primera, sobre “Las raíces judías del cristianismo", tendrá lugar el 5 de noviembre a las 18h. La segunda, sobre “Por qué se dividió el cristianismo del mundo judío en el siglo II", será el 12 de noviembre a la misma hora. Estas actividades están organizadas y patrocinadas por el Consell Comarcal de la Noguera, la Universitat de Lleida-Institut de Ciències de l’Educació y otras entidades.

  3. I am a Bnai Anusim, and it's been a struggle not only for my ancestors, but for me too. We faced hundreds of years of persecution by Catholics, only to have many modern day Jews reject us. There is a story of Moroccan Sephardi Jews coming back to Portugal in the 20th century and establishing a Sephardi synagogue. When the Anusim hiding in Portugal for hundreds of years came out and reached out to their Sephardic brothers they were rejected. The Moroccan Jews felt remorseful that the Anusim's ancestors stayed behind in Portugal during the expulsion. When Polish Jews established an Ashkenazi synagogue in the same place, they accepted the Anusim. When the Ashkenazi Jews went out of their way to teach the Anusim about their unique Sephardi minhag, the Anusim wanted to learn only Ashkenazi traditions because it was the Sephardi Jews that rejected them. Rabbi's in Israel estimate that there are up to 60 million people of Jewish descent in Latin America. They also estimate that 10% of the Portuguese population is of Jewish descent. These are people that want to be religiously Jewish, and I feel can be an answer to the problem of a declining world Jewish population.
    My family left Portugal in the late 1700's/early 1800's. They kept Shabbat, they refused to eat blood, they would cover the mirror when someone dies, they were extremely weary of the evil eye, they would light candles every day instead of just on Friday nights to throw off the inquisitors and they would get together every thursday at sunset and pray in the basement, purposefully not praying on Friday at sunset so they wouldn't get caught.
    Although I am a male, I have a purely matralineal line going back to these Portuguese ancestors yet I would be hard pressed to find any Orthodox Rabbi in the world willing to say I'm Jewish. Despite how hard we fought to remain so.


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