Saturday, December 27, 2008

Response to Gaza attacks at last!

Haaretz reports:

Palestinians in the Hamas-ruled Gaza Strip fired at least 54 Qassam and Grad rockets into southern Israel on Saturday after Israeli air strikes killed more than 195 Palestinians in Gaza, according to Palestinian sources.

A home in the town of Netivot was hit by a grad missile, killing one and leaving four with moderate to serious injuries.

One rocket struck just outside Kiryat Gat, some 20 kilometers from Gaza. The strike marked the first time in the eight years since Hamas has been firing rockets into Israel that a rocket has struck the southern Israeli city. [...]


  1. Once again, Israel will blunder around for a few days or weeks, and leave the Arabs with a moral victory, by courtesy of the world press. The fighting should have started today and ended today, wreaking havoc that would take Hamas years to repair. The world would have beaten its breast for three days and moved on to something else. One inexperienced person's opinion.

  2. I'm 100% with Avraham. I don't even pay attention to headlines like "Tanks heading for Gaza". They never actually lead anywhere.
    Lame duck prime minister, foreign minister more interested in having the Europeans like her than defending her country. Defence minister who knows his time in government is limited and only cares about his own advancement. Nothing will come of this.


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