Monday, December 15, 2008

T.V. & the Israeli "soul"

YNET reports:

A school in central Israel decided to postpone an educational trip scheduled for Tuesday evening because the date clashes with the final episode of the hugely popular reality show "Big Brother."

The show provides viewers with 24/7 access to the lives of a group of participants locked up in a house monitored by multiple TV cameras and completely isolated from the outside world.

In the three months it has been broadcast, "Big Brother" has swept large audiences in Israel, with a substantial proportion being glued to the screen most hours of the day. The show has also been the focus of much controversy lately, due to its blatant content and its allegedly negative influence on teenagers and TV culture in Israel.


  1. Speaking as someone who, when given a choice between advancing to Grade 4 in piano lessons and being able to watch Gilligan's Island and Star Trek on a regular basis, I would like to suggest the following:

    I recall sitting in shul for mincha back in the summer of 1963 in the Pardes Katz section of Bene Beraq and hearing the congregants urging the shaliach tzibur to speed up the davening because otherwise they'd miss the opening ceremonies for the Maccabiah that night.

    However, the additional ill which faces Israel is the lack of context TV provides. In North America, we all know Melrose Place and Sex In The City don't really exist and are not realistic lifestyles. In Israel, many people seem to think that this is what it's really like over here.

    The obsession with TV in Israel is not new. The switch from a 3-4 channel universe to a 100 channel universe in Israel came so quickly it affectd the culture like an addictive drug. Imagine you enjoy the occasional sip of beer but have to be moderate because you can only get one bottle a week, and it's always the same brand. Suddenly someone shows up at your doorstep with a case of beer every day, and with many different brands to choose from.
    You love beer. Someone is giving you unlimited beer. You indulge. It's the same thing with TV. Israel, most places in Europe, North America (Heaven preserve us, especially here!), TV has tremendous potential for good but like any drug, it has a horrible propensity to addiction.

  2. Why is this termed the Israeli "soul"?
    You think for one minute that Jews in Chutz La'aretz don't share a passion for this nonsense or other shades of nonsense? And if Reform "bench" after Treyf this is more acceptable?

    If you want to help Yidden, find out the School and see if you can get some Shiurim going.


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