Thursday, June 26, 2008

Protest against the Offensive Gay Parade - Kikar Shabbos

Rabbi Moishe Sternbuch told those participating in the right-wing rally that "even the small community gathering here is a deterring force, a few of a few is also good. This is a time of concealed faces. The L-rd must bear protest and welcome our forgiveness." He concluded his speech by saying, "They have no part in Israel and may their names be erased." The crowd then answered, "Amen".


  1. Its very clear to see from the expression of pain on the faces of these men that they are not there for the "fun" of protesting as was previously suggested by another poster.

    Thank you for these pictures, I think that they speak volumes of the tragedy that has befallen the Jewish people.

  2. I've said it before and I've said it again: the organizers of the parade thrive on this.
    Their agenda is to portray any and all religious Jews that oppose them as reactionary primitive bigots totally out of touch with modern norms.
    They crave public attention through their hedonistic displays.

    And what does this crowd do? Goes and plays right into their hands.

    The Gerrer Rebbe got it right a few years ago when he told his people to just ignore the whole thing. You can't stop the parade but you can avoid making people believe what they're saying about us.


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