Sunday, June 29, 2008

Chillul HaShem of Renegade Kanoim

The problem of renegade kanoim - is a growing plague in the chareidi world. These are lawless animals who are endangering the life and limb of others - in their self proclaimed campaign of terror - to rid the world of all they find offensive. Their actions are not in accord with the Torah - and they are a major chillul HaShem.

Erev Shabbos an electronics store was burned down in Geula for selling mp4 players (video). It seems a miracle that aside from people who broke their legs escaping from the fire - B"H no one was killed. In addition the fire required police and firemen to endanger their lives - as well as forcing them to work on Shabbos.

Some of the details are reported in Chedrei Chadorim. More developments are expected tomorrow and will be dutifully reported here. YNET also has an article


  1. Let's call a spade a spade, they are not "renegade" anythings, least of all "kanoyim"! They are plain and simple CRIMINALS and HOODLUMS and should be treated as such.

    These are the modern day version of the baryonim who eventually murdered, vandalized, and pillaged their fellow Judeans in the times of the Churbam Bayis Sheni and they were the main contributors to the victory of Rome and the exile of the Jewish people for their rebellions against Rome.

    Stop calling them "kanoyim" which is still a valid Torah term and call them for they are are: gangsters, thugs and even potential murderers absoltely no different to the Taliban and Al Quida in modern Islam or the Catholics Papal Inquisitors of the Middle Ages who destroyed everyone and anything that did not conform to their version of doctrinal "purity" and "correctness".

    Let the BADATZ and the rabbis of Jerusalem talk out openly, vogorously and with kol kores against them as strongly as they do agaianst Zionists, chilonim and gays because they are far worse sinsce they cover up their criminal actvities with retarded and evil excuses of "frumkeit" as the Kotzker said "a frummer iz a rotzeiach"!!!

  2. "Let the BADATZ and the rabbis of Jerusalem talk out openly, vogorously and with kol kores against them as strongly as they do agaianst Zionists"

    Almost ten years ago already...

    "A Jew whose act ignores the explicit directives of preeminent halachic authorities undermines the belief in the guidance of Torah scholars, which has always been the foundation of Jewish communal life. (The Eda Haredit has repeatedly distributed a proclamation signed by its rabbinical court stating unequivocally: 'Our only power is that of mouths [open in prayer], and God forbid [that] anyone should ever act with violence or force...')

    The only kol korei's people online care about are the ones they can make fun of.

  3. Okay, let me phrase RaP's request: Let's see the Eida Chareidis attack these kanoyim with as much vehemence and vitriol as they use for the "Zionists".

  4. Recipients and Publicity said...

    Where will these criminal slash and burn tactics end?

    The so-called requests by rabbis to calm things down is obviously not working because evidently there are enough renegade criminal instigators (who probably deem themselves to be top "rabbis" too with nice pilpulim and mekoros to justify every krumkeit of theirs) who in turn actively incite and encourage the jobless Haredi youth to break and burn down stores that sell items they don't like.

    If they don't like the goods, just don't buy them and stay far away from the tumah that you hate, but why break and burn the stores like vandals and pirates? Is that what Yiddishkeit has become, mob rule by deranged gangs, no different than the Taliban?

    If the youth need to find outlets for their physical aggression, let them join Israeli army units and hunt down Hamas and Hezbola terrorists instead of destroying the legitimate parnosa of fellow Jews.

    How about they find jobs on all those kosher farms and moshavim keeping shemita that American Haredim are being asked to support? Let the real rabbis force the youngsters who are not devoted to real Torah learning with good middos, out into the fields, the farms and the small towns where they can find fruitful, productive, creative, and constructive channels for their displaced frustrations instead of behaving like destructive criminals in Jerusalem and Bnai Brak.

    What will be next, the "Scarlet letter" and "tar and feather" or the stockade to be mevaze women who wear tight clothes or make up? Like deranged Ayatolas that will only make the world hate them and rise up against them, or worse.

    There is no ahavas Yisroel and no rachmonus at work and that is frightening, to see frum youth act like "Storn Troopers" r"l with no real end or eitzah in sight.

  5. YNET reported,2506,L-3561923,00.html

    MP4s are devil's device, says Orthodox Court

    Ultra-Orthodox community in Jerusalem enraged over sales of MP4 devices, considered 'devil's way of driving people to sin.' Orthodox Righteous Court of Law issues formal ruling banning vendors from stocking devices; two stores selling them vandalized
    Neta Sela

    Technological advancements have always posed somewhat of a problem for the ultra-Orthodox community. The rabbis often choose to ban any public contact with any unfamiliar gadget, for fear their users might be exposed to inappropriate content; and so MP4 players, which allow users to watch films, have now become the newest threat to chastity

    The fight against the device reached a new level last week, when an MP4 supplier, whose store is located on the outskirts of Jerusalem's Meah Shearim neighborhood, found it vandalized – its window and showcases smashed.
    A second store, located just off the capital's Shabbat Square, did not fare much better: It too was vandalized and its repair lab burnt down. Some say that was an event waiting to happen: For several weeks prior to the arson, a dozen-or-so yeshiva student used to demonstrate in front of the store every week and protest the sale of the banned devices.

    The storeowners even found pashkevilim (informative ads or posters often plastered in the Jerusalem's religious neighborhoods) distributed against them: "A terrible plague is upon us, calming victims every day… these sinful devices were banned by all the great rabbis, but are still common in the haredi world… their devilish distributors want nothing more than to drive the people of Israel to sin, through movies and other abominations," read the ads.

    Another pashkevil, by the "association for the saving of the youth in the Holy Land," informed the public about a rabbis and an Orthodox Righteous Court of Law ordinance banning MP4 devices all together: "This little device is the devil's way to try and gain entrance to our protected homes and yeshivas, disguised as something you can listen to Torah lessons through," it said.

    Ynet has learned that the Orthodox Righteous Court of Law had, indeed, held a session on MP4 devices. The court ruled that the devices must be banned and issued a warning to all vendors not to stock them, saying those who do "will be subject to a court hearing," and giving vendors three week to comply with its ruling.

    The police have reportedly launched an investigation into both vandalism incide


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