Sunday, June 22, 2008

HaRav Elyashiv, shlita asks for protests against offensive gay parade

The Yated Ne'eman reports that HaRav Eliyashiv has called for protests against the parade. Wall posters have also been put up around Yerushalayim calling for protests in his name. An item also appeared in Yeshiva World News.


  1. What about the Edah Chareidis's take on whether to protest?

    Kol Tuv,

  2. Why does rev alyashiv waste hims time with this silliness?
    WHERER IS HE on the entire conversion crisis? hundreds of families lives have been shattered and none of the supposed "gedoylim" can say anything?
    the chonyoks are destorying the rabbanut and no one has any backbones. it is a disgrace.

  3. The best response is to completely ignore the parade. Protesting it won't change a thing but it will bring positive coverage to the event and negative coverage to the Chareidim. Better to simply spend the day as any other and deny these attention-seekers what they're really after

  4. Deut. 21:7 'Our hands have not shed this blood; our eyes have not seen it.

    Rashi- But would it enter one’s mind that the elders of the court are murderers?

    Rather, [they declare:]

    "We [ourselves] did not see him and let him depart without food or escort [which would have indirectly caused his death, leaving this man to the elements and to robbers]". — [Sotah 45a,b] "

    There is a collective responsibility for creating conditions that would permit such a thing. Those who do not protest in some way are participating.


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