Monday, September 14, 2009

The Van Jones matter - C Krauthammer


So Van Jones, the defenestrated White House green-jobs czar, once called Republicans "a-holes." Big deal. I've said worse about Democrats. I've said worse about Republicans. I've said worse about members of my family (you know who you are).

How prissy have we become? Are we allowed no salt in our linguistic diets?

Having once written a column praising vice president Richard Cheney's pithy deployment of the F-word - on the floor of the Senate, no less - I rise in defense of Jones. True, Jones' particular choice of epithet had none of the one-syllable concision, the onomatopoeic suggestiveness, the explosive charm of Cheney's. But you don't fire a guy for style.[...]


  1. Recipients and PublicitySeptember 14, 2009 at 1:42 PM

    Problem is that Barack Hussein Obama's own views are in sync with Van jones and his ilk. He has lots more in his past and present not much different to Van Jones, some even far worse and more dangerous.

    So what, for example, should Israel do in light of all these American leftist gangsters that threaten her, its way of life and its people?

    Here's a suggestion from an op-ed writer on YNet News:

    "Call Obama's bluff: Confronting Obama menace critical for Israel’s future, Bibi's real test

    Moshe Dann: 09.13.09

    President Barack Hussein Obama has threatened dire consequences if Israel refuses his demands to prevent Jews from building in Judea, Samaria and Jerusalem.

    His plan is yet another disastrous form of Israeli unilateral withdrawal.

    This unprecedented challenge to Israel's sovereignty and strategic needs must be met firmly. At stake are not only simple human needs, but the integrity of the State of Israel and a 60-year old alliance.

    Israel is an American ally, not an enemy; a partner in the struggle against terrorism, not a perpetrator. Did Obama forget? Is he confused, or didn't he ever know?

    Whose side is he on?

    Confronting the Obama menace is difficult, but essential; it's critical for Israel's future.

    If Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu capitulates, he will undermine Israel's independence and set a dangerous precedent: not if Israel's national and strategic interests will be sacrificed, but when.

    That will simply invite even more pressure for Israel to surrender to sworn enemies.

    Paradoxically, it's not weakness and appeasement that have deterred Israel's opponents, but a strong defense based on security needs and realistic assessments of consequences.

    An imposed dictated "solution" that does not resolve core issues and is unacceptable to those dedicated to violence has never succeeded - ever - without their total and complete destruction..."

  2. Recipients and PublicitySeptember 14, 2009 at 2:32 PM

    Now that Barack Hussein Obama is distracted with trying to ram/Rahm his OBamaCare[less] laws through the US Congress while facing mounting public protests and open rebellions in teh streets against his regime as well as being called a liar in front of the nation during his address to Congress, the forced resignation of his buddy Van Jones in the face of mounting pressure and negative publicity from the likes of Fox News' Glen Beck, choosing to start a tariff war with America's trading partner Red China over tyres of all things, and constantly creating crazy headlines with his twisted self-involved and self-centered egomaniacal lawyerly non-logic as he heads to chair a UN Security Council meeting and have talks with Libya's Jew-hating Gadafi and Iran's killer of his own citizenry, Holocaust-deniar-in-chief and global anti-Semite Ahmadinejad, this is the perfect time for Israel to get on with its own precious life. Perhaps it's a special Rosh HaShanah gift from up above:

    From an Arutz Sheva op-ed, advice that it has and can be done:

    "How to Rebuff US and Int’l Pressure - Rebuff!

    ( Israeli columnists advise Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu that by putting Israeli interests first, those who pressure him will end up respecting him.

    Yoram Ettinger, a former Israeli Consul General to the U.S. and an expert on Israeli-American relations, writes that Israel has often resisted American pressure in the past – earning American respect in the process. For instance, in 1950, 1967, and 1970, various American governments tried to pressure the respective Israeli governments regarding Jerusalem. The U.S. wanted Israel not to assume control of parts of Jerusalem, to cede control over parts of the city, and/or to stop building in the capital. In each case, Ettinger writes, “the U.S. Administration pressured, Israel constructed, Jerusalem expanded and the Jewish State earned strategic respect.”

    "Submission to Pressure Exacerbates Pressure"
    The American government has frequently exerted pressure on Israel on others issues as well, often concerning national security. These include Israel’s declaration of independence, construction of a nuclear reactor, striking out at the Egypt-Syria-Jordan military alliance in 1967, bombing Iraq's nuclear reactor, and more. “Defiance of pressure entails short-term cost but enhances long-term national security,” Ettinger concludes. “Submission to pressure exacerbates pressure. Fending off pressure is required, in order to attain strategic goals – [but] avoiding pressure, through concessions, leads to departure from strategic goals.”

    Ettinger continues to remind Israelis, as he has been doing for years, that the President of the United States is only one of three branches of government. “U.S. public and Congressional support of Israel is robust,” he writes, giving the following examples: ...

    The bottom line, Ettinger states, is that Obama’s pressure upon Netanyahu vis-à-vis settlements is only psychological, and nothing more. “He was not elected to uproot Jewish settlements and prevent Jewish construction in Jerusalem… The Arab-Israeli conflict is not among Obama's top priorities, and his position on Israel is not compatible with most Democrats. Obama needs the support of Israel's friends on Capitol Hill, in order to advance his primary domestic and national security/international agendas."

  3. Recipients and PublicitySeptember 15, 2009 at 1:16 PM

    Barack Hussein Obama suffers another big blow, as ACORN bumped by Senate from "census counting" (like letting the commissars and KGB tally up all the good prisoners) but he will probably try to find ways to get around it.

    Senate Votes to Deny Funds To ACORN (September 14th, 2009): Washington - The Senate voted Monday to block the Housing and Urban Development Department from giving grants to ACORN, a community organization under fire in several voter-registration fraud cases.

    The 83-7 vote would deny housing and community grant funding to ACORN, which stands for the Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now.

    The action came as the group is suffering from bad publicity after a duo of conservative activists posing as a prostitute and her pimp released hidden-camera videos in which ACORN employees in Baltimore gave advice on house-buying and how to account on tax forms for the woman's income. Two other videos, aired frequently on media outlets such as the Fox News Channel, depict similar situations in ACORN offices in Brooklyn and Washington, D.C.

    The Senate's move would mean that ACORN would not be able to win HUD grants for programs such as counseling low-income people on how to get mortgages and for fair housing education and outreach.

    Sen. Mike Johanns, R-Neb., said that ACORN has received $53 million in taxpayer funds since 1994 and that the group was eligible for a wider set of funding in the pending legislation, which funds housing and transportation programs.

    Just last week, the Census Bureau severed its ties with ACORN, saying it does not want the group's help in outreach efforts on the decennial count.

    In recent months, Republicans have become increasingly critical of the census' ties with ACORN. The group, which advocates for poor people, conducted a massive voter registration effort last year and became a target of conservatives when some employees were accused of submitting false registration forms with names such as "Mickey Mouse."

    Just last week, prosecutors in Miami-Dade County, Fla., arrested 11 people for falsifying hundreds of voter applications during a registration drive last year. ACORN tipped the authorities off to the problem.

    On the hidden camera controversy, ACORN says it has fired the employees involved but has lashed out at Fox for pumping up the scandal. In a statement, Bertha Lewis, ACORN's chief organizer, said the tapes had been doctored and violated Maryland's wiretapping laws. She promised to sue Fox."


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