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Obama's energy guru's problematic statements

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White House officials offered tepid support Friday for Van Jones, the administration's embattled energy efficiency guru, who has issued two public apologies this week, one for signing a petition that questioned whether Bush administration officials "may indeed have deliberately allowed 9/11 to happen, perhaps as a pretext for war."

Earlier, Jones said he was "clearly inappropriate" in using a crude term to describe Republicans in a speech he gave before joining the administration.

The apologies did little to quell objections from Republicans, several of whom demanded Friday further action against Jones. Rep. Mike Pence (Ind.) called on the adviser to resign or be fired, saying in a statement, "His extremist views and coarse rhetoric have no place in this administration or the public debate." [...]


  1. Recipients and PublicitySeptember 6, 2009 at 9:53 AM

    With Barack Hussein Obama, what you see is only the tip of the iceberg of much worse dangerous things that lurk below the surface.

    Like this: "Regulation Czar Advocated Removing People’s Organs Without Explicit Consent (CNSNews, September 04, 2009): Cass Sunstein, President Barack Obama’s nominee to head the Office of Information and Regulatory Affairs (OIRA), has advocated a policy under which the government would “presume” someone has consented to having his or her organs removed for transplantation into someone else when they die unless that person has explicitly indicated that his or her organs should not be taken.

    Under such a policy, hospitals would harvest organs from people who never gave permission for this to be done.

    Outlined in the 2008 book “Nudge: Improving Decisions About Health, Wealth, and Happiness,” Sunstein and co-author Richard H. Thaler argued that the main reason that more people do not donate their organs is because they are required to choose donation.

    Sunstein and Thaler pointed out that doctors often must ask the deceased’s family members whether or not their dead relative would have wanted to donate his organs. These family members usually err on the side of caution and refuse to donate their loved one’s organs.

    “The major obstacle to increasing [organ] donations is the need to get the consent of surviving family members,” said Sunstein and Thaler.

    This problem could be remedied if governments changed the laws for organ donation, they said. Currently, unless a patient has explicitly chosen to be an organ donor, either on his driver’s license or with a donor card, the doctors assume that the person did not want to donate and therefore do not harvest his organs. Thaler and Sunstein called this “explicit consent.” ..."


    Or this: "Broun warns of dictatorship: Congressman stays on message - freedom at risk, (9/3/2009): MADISON - U.S. Rep. Paul Broun is again raising the specter of Democrats turning the United States into a totalitarian state.

    Broun, R-Athens, apparently has not changed his belief that President Obama may be a fascist since he made similar remarks in Augusta in November and then in an Associated Press interview.

    He told a meeting of the Morgan County Republicans on Wednesday night that Obama already has or will have the three things he needs to make himself a dictator: a national police force, gun control and control over the press.

    "He has the three things that are necessary to establish an authoritarian government," Broun said. "And so we need to be ever-vigilant, because freedom is precious."

    As he did when comparing Obama to Hitler and the Soviets last year, Broun cited a speech Obama gave in Colorado during the campaign last July calling for "a civilian national security force that's just as powerful, just as strong, just as well-funded" as the military.

    In the speech, Obama called young Americans to serve both at home and abroad, and said he would expand the Peace Corps, AmeriCorps and other volunteer opportunities. Broun, however, said Obama was referring to a national police force..."

  2. Recipients and PublicitySeptember 6, 2009 at 9:54 AM

    So why should there be a wonder that Barack Hussein Obama has appointed an outright communist and racist to be his "'green' energy czar"?: "A vulgar Marxist twice over (powerlineblog, September 3, 2009): We've written about Obama administration green jobs commissar Van Jones as a Communist in the White House. Jim Hoft posts the video of Jones unburdening himself before a friendly audience without inhibition. Jones gives new meaning to the term vulgar Marxist.

    Now courtesy of and Naked Emperor News we have Jones explaining the deep meaning of the Obama administration's devotion to "green jobs." The goal of green jobs is complete revolution step by step away from gray capitalism until the forces of oppression are overcome. The video concludes with a tribute to Jones from Obama alter ego Valerie Jarrett.

    Thank you for the explanation, Comrade Jones.

    UPDATE: Jim Hoft also notes that Comrade Jones appears to be a 9/11 Truther. He's the kind of guy Bill Clinton has previously said should be ashamed of himself ("how dare you?"), on that ground alone."


    In case you hadn't clicked on the above links, here they are again with their full titles, eye-opening and worth reading:

    A communist in the White House

    Obama's Commie Green Czar Van Jones: Republicans "Are A$$holes" (Video) --Updated

    A Truther Czar?... Obama's Green Czar Van Jones Believes Bush Administration Was Behind 9-11

  3. Recipients and PublicitySeptember 6, 2009 at 11:13 AM

    Well, at least this rasha is history now:

    "Obama's "green jobs" guru Jones resigns after uproar (Reuters, Sep 6, 2009): WASHINGTON (Reuters) - A White House environmental policy adviser who specialized in "green jobs" resigned on Sunday after an uproar over his previous affiliation with a September 11 conspiracy group.

    Van Jones, special adviser on green jobs at the White House Council on Environmental Quality, apologized on Thursday after videotape surfaced of him using a crude epithet to describe Republicans and amid revelations he had signed a petition suggesting U.S. government involvement in the 2001 attacks in New York and Washington.

    The apology did little to quell Republican criticism, however, and President Barack Obama's chief spokesman gave only tepid support to the adviser on Friday.

    Jones said he was resigning to avoid being a distraction in the administration's effort to pass healthcare reform and climate change legislation.

    "On the eve of historic fights for health care and clean energy, opponents of reform have mounted a vicious smear campaign against me," Jones said in a resignation letter that was released to the media.

    "I cannot in good conscience ask my colleagues to expend precious time and energy defending or explaining my past. We need all hands on deck, fighting for the future," he wrote..."


    Follow this unfolding story on Google news


    Baruch H-shem and Baruch shepatranu!

  4. Recipients and PublicitySeptember 6, 2009 at 3:18 PM

    More giant problems from Barack Hussein Obama's regime of krumkeit and rishus worthy of a Pharaoh himself:

    Even though I do not subscribe to the Larouch group in any way, but they have been putting a series of excellent videos on YouTube sensibly critiquing some of the worst aspects and extremes of what the Obama regime has in mind and wishes to implement.

    I sat riveted and could not pull myself back from watching and listening intently to the black narrator on this particular under 11 minutes video that lays bare what the Obama-Emanuel regime is plotting, see what you think of this frightening human horror that looms, chas vesholom, H-shem yerachem:

    Obama's Genocidal Death Panel Warned by Tony Chaitkin !!! Dump Obama now ! focuses on Dr. Ezekiel Emanuel, the brother of Obama's mastermind Rahm Emanuel, who is advising the Obama regime on how to "take care" of the health of America, rachmona litzlan.

  5. RaP wrote :
    "Cass Sunstein, President Barack Obama’s nominee to head the Office of Information and Regulatory Affairs (OIRA), has advocated a policy under which the government would “presume” someone has consented to having his or her organs removed for transplantation into someone else when they die unless that person has explicitly indicated that his or her organs should not be taken."

    Nice sensationalist muckraking journalism!

    His statements are pretty clear...he says that the LAW would have to be changed. This does not mean that the evil "regime" gets to change the law all by itself. There is still the little matter of the US Congress who would have to change the law.

    It's not like Obama's talking about bypassing the Constitution ala Bush/Cheney (a true "regime" if ever there was one).

    The other thing is that appointees are generally appointed to carry out the President's agenda, not vice versa.

    CNS is also not exactly an objective news service. As they say at their headline "the RIGHT news." They are one of the few news outlets who actually takes Glen Beck seriously. Not surprising that they'd label any democrat as "communist."

  6. The insistent use of "Hussein" is very clearly a swipe at what RaP sees as a crypto-Muslim in the White House and wants to remind all of us of it. Note that in previous posts, we have never once seen "George Walker Bush." This special, bigoted treatment, is apparently reserved only for the current President.

    If Obama is in fact a secretly practicing Muslim, the fact that people like RaP actually care about it would lend validation to the need to keep it private.

  7. Recipients and PublicitySeptember 8, 2009 at 4:49 AM

    Dear Jordan, one would think that with more than 95% of the entire media in the pro-Obama camp and them giving him a free pass and a free ride as they idolize him, that an open-minded person could tolerate a minor article or two that does not follow the Obama-Emanuel regime's politically correct doctrines.

    Dear Mohan, can you point out where I accuse Obama of being either a "crypto-Muslim" or a "a secretly practicing Muslim" please?

    You know, Obama can speak for himself and he has no apologies as he often draws attention to his own middle name.

    There is nothing sinister there at all because Obama is openly sympathetic to Islam and Muslims and has said so himself many times. There is no news in that and no one, including me, thinks it's a big deal, so quit making mountains out of molehills.

    As for George W. Bush, in fact his middle initial did take on a life of its own when he was both taken seriously and mocked as a Texan (he was after all a two-term governor of that state) by being referred to in Texan-twang as "dubya" (the verbalization for "double u" for "W") which was meant to either point out his Texas-pride or mock it, depending on your political feelings.

    Therefore, while George W. Bush had to live with "Dubya", Barack H. Obama can live with "Hussein" and no one should feign the taking of offense either way and just get on with it.

    "Dubya" genrally is taken to represent Bush's connection with Texan conservatism, and "Hussein" is rightly taken to mean that Obama has a personal connection with his father's (Barack Hussein Obama, senior's) Islamic religion heritage since according to Islam once one is born to a Muslim father they are Muslims for life and most of the world's Muslims regard BHO as such, or have you missed reading about that?

    So make of it what you will, "Dubya" and "Hussein" are part of both personalities.

  8. Recipients and PublicitySeptember 8, 2009 at 6:33 AM

    Speaking of Education: Hypocrite Obama Should Release His Transcripts:

    ">Obama Should Release His Transcripts (George Joyce, September 05, 2009 )

    In a nationally televised educational address next Tuesday Barack Obama is scheduled to, according to the Department of Education, “challenge students to work hard, set educational goals, and take responsibility for their learning.”

    Concerns by many Americans that Mr. Obama’s televised address to schoolchildren will simply represent a forum for socialist indoctrination are wildly “overwrought” according to a Wall Street Journal editorial today:

    “America's children are not so vulnerable that we need to slap an NC-17 rating on Presidential speeches. Given how many minority children struggle in school, a pep talk from the first African-American President could even do some good.”

    While the WSJ editors criticized some of the Education Department’s post speech lesson plans they also condemned those “columnists who spy a conspiracy theory behind every Democrat” for “spreading alarm.”

    Could a pep talk from the first African-American President “do some good” for minority students as the WSJ editors argue? Back in September of last year Steve Gilbert of Sweetness and Light pondered over our first African-American president’s prior academic performance:

    “By his own admission, Obama spent his final two years in high school skipping classes, playing basketball, doing cocaine and getting drunk.”

    After high school, Gilbert notes the following about Obama:

    “Similarly, his admission to Harvard Law School is highly questionable. Where are his LSAT scores? And how does one graduate from Columbia without honors and yet get accepted at Harvard Law? Lastly, his ascendency to the Presidency of the Harvard Law school would appear to have also been a case of blatant affirmative action, since the student Obama had only written one legal paper — and that was quite short and remarkably undistinguished. So where are his grade transcripts?”

    If Confucius were to describe a democracy, he’d probably say that the people are the “parents” and the rulers are the “children.” Children are normally required by their parents to be open and transparent about their grades at school. Barack Obama has sealed off his transcripts from the people.

    Is it possible for the first African-American president to inspire minority schoolchildren about education when he continues to hide the record of his academic performance?

    Many of us had to work hard, set educational goals, and take responsibility for our learning because our gender and skin color actively worked against us on college admissions panels. There were others however who could get drunk, do cocaine, skip class and still make it to the Ivy League.

    Lao Tzu once said that “you gain by losing, lose by gaining.” Now I think I know what he means."


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