Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Mondrowitz abuse case & R Bomzer

ABC News

Retired New York Police Department Det. Pat Kehoe still remembers a phone call she got more than 20 years ago, from a person making allegations that a rabbi was sexually abusing children in his neighborhood.

"I never received a call like that in my whole career in the New York City Police Department. Never," Kehoe told Cynthia McFadden in a recent interview.

"I'll never forget it because unfortunately it was my birthday, November 21 1984. I was working in the Brooklyn Sex Crimes squad and I received an anonymous call from a male who started to say that there was a rabbi and gave the name and he was abusing people on this block," she said.

Rabbi Avrohom Mondrowitz, as he called himself, lived on a tree-lined block in the Borough Park section of Brooklyn. Kehoe and her partner, Sal Catafulmo, went out to the neighborhood where Italians and Hasidic Jews lived side-by-side.

At one of the first addresses they tried, she says a resident told her "Everyone knows Rabbi Mondrowitz. He's good to all our children. He buys them bicycles and takes them away on weekends and things." [...]

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  1. Recipients and PublicitySeptember 10, 2009 at 5:29 AM

    Question: What is the point of calling this post "Mondrowitz abuse case & R Bomzer" when it is a link to a lengthy article NOT about Bomzer at all, published in 2006 titled "Child Sex Abuse Case Still Haunts: The Cold Case of Avrohom Mondrowitz and the Silencing of a Community, By ROXANNA SHERWOOD, Oct. 11, 2006"?

    The Mondrowitz catastrophe took place thirty to twenty years ago in Brooklyn. Mondrowitz was and is a sociopathic liar who told people he had a "doctorate in psychology" and was welcomed into the most respected places in Brooklyn's Haredi communities as an "authority" and even had a radio show and no one had the faintest idea of the horrors and abuse he was conducting under cover of his lies and charisma.

    Mondrowtiz fooled everyone until he was exposed and then everyone started screaming. In addition ever since he has fled to Israel twenty years ago none other than the entire Gerrer community and Rebbes there have been protecting him and working to keep him from being extradited to justice in America.

    Thirty years ago was light years away from the seriousness with which child sexual abuse is not tolerated today. It's easy to read on the web about the old-fashioned and lax attitudes that many rabbonim had in dealing with sex abuse, if they even spotted it at all or if some kept their own deviancies covered up. It still continues today.

    So please, can someone expalin what the mention of Bomzer alone is all about in this post based on an article that basically has nothing to do with him but is rather an "indictment" of the entire Orthodox communty's lax and lakadaisical attitude to child molesters and perverts (that they still have today in any case and try to hush and shush up.)


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