Thursday, September 3, 2009

Kidney transplants- buying & selling

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  1. The laws are too strict and condemn many sick people to death.

    There are far more people that need transplants than donors. This is a death sentence.

    If it were legal, which it should be, if it is regulated to see that there is no coercion and that proper medical procedures are followed, this would save many lives and provide income to those that need it badly.

    The vast majority of people who donate kidneys under proper conditions suffer no ill effects.

    The anti sale law was written by people that couldn't possibly fathom someone wanting to give up their own kidney. This is not realistic and is destructive to our society by preventing the availability of a life saving cure.

    Pajamas TV did an unbiased review of this issue. The people who have no regard for sick people and have warped social justice views have formulated the current cruel laws.


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