Friday, September 4, 2009

NY Times errors regarding the Eidah Chareidis


Yesterday, the New York Times reported a conversation that their correspondent had with a supposed representative of the Eida Chareidis in Jerusalem, Yoilish Krauss. The New York Times, however, did not check out in fact, with the Eida Chareidis whether or not this fact was true. In an interview with Rav Moshe Shternbuch, VIN News reported that Rav Shternbuch stated categorically that Mr. Yoilish Krauss has no involvement with the Eida Chareidis whatsoever.[...]


  1. What else is new? If the Times (or any of the media) EVER printed a true word, it was purely coincidental.

    About this Kraus guy, anyone who read the media and saw him quoted should have known he was a fake. Despite the fact (perhaps because of the fact) the zionist media constantly uses him as an "Eida spokesman".

  2. JOS, didn't realize that the New York Times is the latest zionist media? Where do you pick up this info?

  3. Recipients and PublicitySeptember 6, 2009 at 10:03 AM

    When Hillary Clinton notoriously shrilly screached on the eve of her philandering husband's impeachment trial that he was the "victim" of a "vast 'right wing' conspiracy" she was obviously projecting and had it back to front simply because, she was herself part of the left-wing establishment that has no restraints in being part of a vast left-wing conspiracy which has been headed for decades by the likes of The New York Times, that has never had an accurate, unbiased, or fair report or story about ANYTHING pertaining to Orthodox Jews.

    This is probably rooted in the NY Times being founded and owned by the Sulzbergers, an old-time US assimilated Jewish family of Germa origins that at best shared the viewes and outlooks of Reform Jews, so what is the wonder that they always skewer any brand of Orthodox Judaism, not just the Eidah's.

  4. tzip: You thought the zionists were the ONLY purveyors of falsehood?


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